Debating Our Choices

Big debate tonight on FOX. I know, ho hum, another debate, but this one is like the playoffs ,and this one I will watch, unlike all the others. Iowa is in 3 weeks and each candidate has got this one last chance to pop their jersey’s, to sack the other QB, and to dazzle us with their touch down dances.

The latest Rasmussen poll came out and, holy smokes, what a turn around. Last time I checked Newt had a 20 point lead over Romney in Iowa, but things just got interesting.

In the race for the Republican nomination, new numbers from Iowa show the fifth leader in five monthly polls. Less than a month before the first in the nation caucus, Mitt Romney is now at 23%, Newt Gingrich at 20%, and Ron Paul at 18%.

Wasn’t it just a few days ago that Newt was up 40% to only 20% for Romney. Newt tries to show us how hip and down to earth he is, and this is what happens.

There is a great line in the movie Rounders:

Teddy KGB: Hanging around, hanging around. Kid’s got alligator blood. Can’t get rid of him.

This fits Ron Paul perfectly, all he does is hang around. The crazy Uncle we don’t talk about at family gatherings has an impressive campaign machine behind him and you have to admit, he does garner fanatic loyalty. The top two guys scratch at each other’s eyes, all the while Paul sits back and gains more traction in the polls.

Aside from setting themselves on fire on stage, or coming out with a Joe McCarthy ,”I have in my hot little hand the names of 246 card carrying communists in our state dept.” speech, I suspect both Rick and Michelle to bomb throw tonight, what else they got?

I am also glad to that the two front runners have decided that this is not a tea social and start to mix it up. The ,”What stupid thing as Perry said now?” meme can only sustain a race so long, we need body blows inflicted on the two heavy weights.

Ann Coulter is still sticking with Romney:

Romney got a light weight endorsement, but also suffered a middle weight set back.

I got a kick out of Newt’s fidelity pledge, no doubt his current wife is thrilled, we would not want that female sex magnet running running tempting all the ladies out there.

I will be watching the Jacksonville/Atlanta game tonight on the NFL network but live streaming the debate on my laptop. Anybody else jazzed about tonight’s debate?

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    I think Mitt did a good job of defending his record as governor. He probably did strongest, with Newt in second place.

    Michelle Bachmann really went after Newt but I think it backfired.

    Santorum and Huntsman were just sort of there.

    OT, but Christopher Hitchens has died…RIP.

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  2. Xetrov

    Best line of the night was from Mitt.

    America’s in decline? It is if he’s president; not if I’m president.

    Beyond that, I’m still pretty “Meh” about the entire field.

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