More Gift Giving Ideas

“I love the smell of commerce in the morning”………….Brodie in Mallrats

You think Amazon or Costco (I’m getting an email from them pretty much every day now wrt to new holiday suggestions, love those fruit baskets) wants your Christmas dough? What about these guys:

Hey Brittany, could that sweater get any tighter?

I must say, a novel approach. Although the licensing/registration fees, at least here in California, are steep, you don’t have to house train, feed, or spay your new pet. He will protect you as well as 120lb Rotti, and can be let off leash at any time.

What, you think Santa is not packing?

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  1. TxAg94

    …you don’t have to…spay your new pet

    No, the state has done that for you.

    I like the guy saying it’s not a good Christmas gift. It would have been better to press him as to why. I’d love to hear the twisted answer.

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