Closing the Ports?

I was a little baffled yesterday when I heard that the Occupy movement was moving to close down ports. How is the 99% helped by preventing blue collar dock workers from doing their jobs? And how is their cause advanced by pissing off their most logical allies.

Occupy Oakland’s plan to shut down the city’s bustling port on Monday for the second time in as many months is facing a complicating wrinkle nowhere in sight last time – opposition from several unions and some within the Occupy movement itself.

The attempted shutdown will be part of a coordinated blockade of 11 West Coast ports from San Diego to Anchorage, Alaska, an effort conceived by Occupy Oakland to build on the success of the Nov. 2 general strike it led that closed the city’s port for more than six hours.

But unlike last time, when the area’s major unions gave tacit or outright approval, many of them see Monday’s action as disruptive and unnecessary.

Read the whole thing. It’s like the unions have suddenly realized the economic disruption doesn’t help them either. And with the unions opposed, Occupy has basically no one on their side. They have been reduced to what I feared they would become: a group of agitators protesting for the sake of protest.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    Except that SEIU is backing the OWS hippies at the high levels – this was all planned in advance.

    The unions will drop them like a hot rock if they start to get blowback from more publicity, but the LSM is keeping it pretty quiet for them.

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  2. richtaylor365

    Except that SEIU is backing the OWS hippies at the high levels

    As long as the two distinct groups share a common enemy;

    1)The one percent which consists of rich people (not them)
    2)The Wall Street bankers, enabled by Bush and his lax oversight policies
    3)Government enablers, code for the GOP since they are the party of the rich and the dems are their avowed friends

    Then they will hold hands and share a smore over a freshly torched police car. But once their positions divert, as exemplified here where OWS wants to shut down the ports which is manned by union folks, then the gloves will come off.

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  3. Miguelito

    I almost wish they were actually effective at this. You want to see nearly all the rest of their support (well, from non-radical nuts anyway) vanish? Let them delay enough shipments that people’s deliveries of christmas gifts don’t make it on time. That would seriously piss off so many people they’d lose tons of support.

    Down here in San Diego, the “protest” was pathetic. I found it really interesting that early in the morning, the story at signonsandiego (the website for the Union Tribune here) initially said that “about 3 dozen protesters” and magically (and without note I might add) later changed to “about 80 people.” Hmm. The initial picture at the top (which isn’t there anymore, of course) was pathetic too. It clearly backed up the initial “3 dozen” value (if only barely) and showed that there weren’t even enough to actually block the way into the port area. I don’t think our port here is all that big though.

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