That “Skin Deep” Thing

I made a comment in an earlier thread this week about the disconnect with some couples where half of the whole clearly appears out of the league of the other. We hear sayings like ,”there’s no accounting for taste” and ,”Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. With this in mind I am throwing out a puff piece.

Men’s Health Magazine has come out it’s Hottest Women Of All Time List. You can go over the entire list yourself here. Obviously there are some incredibly attractive women on this list, my beef is the order in which they are ranked. Granted, anything subjective is opinion based and we all know what they say about opinions. But it can reveal some biases and provide for some good discussion:

Here is my top five all time beautiful women:

1)Grace Kelly
2) Christie Brinkley
3) Donna Dixon
4) Sharon Tate
And something a bit more current, Olivia Wilde

Clearly many that made the Men’s Health list were thrown in more for their talent then for their beauty, the problem with going this route is that if they are singers and you think they suck at singing, you will deduct points for beauty as well, ditto those actresses.

And it’s the lazy man’s way out to just throw up a bunch of VS models into the mix. The article mentioned that Anniston won primarily because she was funny, I don’t agree, but that is a valid point.

So, show us your list of top 5, prove that you have a more discerning eye then the rest of us.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    In no particular order:

    Sophia Loren

    Raquel Welch

    Jennifer Connolly

    Tyra Banks

    Stephanie Seymore

    Halle Berry

    Sophia Vergara

    Jaclyn Smith

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  2. InsipiD

    In no particular order, and I can’t necessarily find a common thing here and If it must be limited to celebrities:

    Drew Barrymore
    Jennifer Connolly
    Sophia Loren
    Linda Cardellini
    Meg Tilly
    Jayne Mansfield
    Nicole Eggert
    Michelle Phillips
    Charlize Theron
    Alicia Silverstone

    These aren’t the prettiest or most talented, only the ones that I would consider overwhelmingly sexy.

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  3. Aussiesmurf

    Non -political post!

    In no particular order, with their peak moment of hotness :

    Olivia de Havilland – Adventures of Robin Hood
    Ingrid Bergman – Casablanca
    D’Arcy Wretzky – Siamese Dream
    Shirley Manson – Push It music video
    Marilyn Monroe – Seven Year Itch
    Christina Hendricks – Umm – now
    Rose Byrne – Troy
    Kylie Minogue – Confide in Me music video
    Wendy James – I Want Your Love music video
    Louise Post – Volcano Girls video
    Jackie Kennedy – Inauguration day
    Catherine Denueve – The Hunger
    Elizabeth Hurley – 1985 as Randy Savage’s manager / wife

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  4. Hal_10000

    Tough call here. My five would probably be, in no particular order:

    Monica Belluci
    Latetia Casta
    Elizabeth Taylor
    Vivian Leigh

    Although Karen Gillian is knocking on the door.

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  5. CM

    Hal I’m totally with you on the Monica Belluci call. She’s always on the list.
    I’d also have Scarlett Johansson, Eva Green and Kate Winslet.
    I’m still considering the final spot – I’m literally tossing up between Evangeline Lilly, Jennifer Anniston or Tricia Helfer. Or Diane Lane in Unfaithful. Or Laura Harring in Mulholland Drive.
    I’ll have to consider it a lot more. All night if need be.

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  6. Hal_10000

    Oooh, Kate Winslet. Forgot about her. Not only gorgeous and a great actress but has no qualms about appearing naked on screen. And Laura Harring was amazing in Mulholland Drive.

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  7. richtaylor365 *

    A few more:

    Rosamund Pike
    Blake Lively
    Erin Andrews
    Leslie Parish…….on oldee

    Oh, and I’m really glad no one mentioned Megan Fox……ughhhh

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  8. hist_ed

    Already mentioned above, but Catherine Denueve should be on any list. The thing about her that is almost unique is that she got sexier as she got older. She was hotter in her 30s than early 20s.

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