The problem is….. Not socialism!

Either Bush was one heck of a “Doctor Evil”, setting into motion plans long ago how to have the collapse of the EU come about, or I think that the German politicians are now no longer as enamored with the Organizer-in-Chief as they used to be, because they blame the US for the Euro downgrade.

Seriously? Socialist retards that are furiously rearranging the deck chairs while the band plays on the Titanic, now pretend the guy that wants to turn America into something very much like them, is why their entire “Rob Peter to buy Paul’s vote, while letting the new political aristocracy live in the lap of luxury” scheme is failing? No way the problem is that you have run out of “other people” whose money you can take because most people now are content to do as little as possible to get bye with the most “free” stuff?

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