LSM making excuses for DOJ criminal actions

Ask yourself: how would the media have reported a Friday night dump by the Bush Administration’s DOJ basically admitting they lied to congress during an investigation involving an operation that was for lack of better words a criminal action, on foreign soil, without telling the other nation in question about the various operations that were arming some of the most brutal criminal gangs involved in a shooting war that was killing hundreds if not thousands, and all intended to influence public opinion in order to unarm a populous that they feel might rebel against their shenanigans? Would they have produced this pile of excuses?

Fuck, the crooked democrats forced the Bush Administrations DOJ to resign for something that was totally in his purveyance by having the LSM convince enough people that the US AG dismissing all serving AGs was something new or politically evil! So why is a real criminal like Holder still not only holding power, but getting excuses made for him by them? And why does the WH remain silent? Wouldn’t this mess warrant they think about getting rid of Holder? Maybe they are worried he might spill the beans? Keep watching. The left wants this story to go away, but we are not going to let it happen. Thank god for the internet and blogs like this. Of course, the LSM hasn’t admitted there is a crime here, so it’s as if it never happened!

Wink, wink….

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    In all honesty, they would have called for criminal prosecution at the very least. Many would have demanded summary imprisonment and a show trial.

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  2. TxAg94

    They would be calling for Bush’s resignation or impeachment. The ledt typically uses an underling’s mistakes or indiscretions to go after the guy they hate most. It’s telling that although we hold Obama accountable for doing something about it, we mainly limit real repurcussions to the guy who has the most responsibility, Holder. The left would not give Bush so much courtesy, in my opinion.

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