Christie Tees Off

More Chris Christie common sense porn:

He essentially asks the question everyone else is asking: what was Obama doing while the Supercommittee floundered? Why can’t Washington do what everyone knows must be done — cut spending, reform entitlements and, possibly, raise taxes?

Now to be fair, Obama was very active in the deal that created the supercommittee and gave us some budget cuts. And a grand bargain was supposedly left on the table. We are also now facing a “dual trigger” situation where inaction will result in defense spending cuts and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts — although neither is automatic and both will probably be put off.

But the budget crisis is too big for “woulda coulda shoulda” bullshit. Obama also walked away from Simpson-Bowles and has gone conspicuously silent on the budget since. He has been campaigning while the budget is hammered out in Congress. That’s not his job description.

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  1. Aussiesmurf

    I refer you to Steve Benen’s comments on Christie’s bloviating :

    I really don’t have much to add to that. Obama has repeatedly signalled his willingness (indeed to many, like myself, too much willingness) to gut entitlement payments in return for modest tax increases. The Republicans on the so-called super committee have repeatedly and openly stated that there is no possibility for a compromise in this respect. And yet the ‘very serious people’ repeatedly blame the U.S. President for failing to reach agreement!

    And the ‘failure’ of the committee to reach a deal means a $1.2 trillion dollar cut in spending. Shouldn’t the ‘deficit’ hawks be excited by this?

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  2. balthazar

    Name one actual cut that the president DEFINED and put a number on.

    Get back to me when you can do that. I wont hold my breath.

    He wanted to raise taxes NOW and cut shit over the next 10 years. Cuz that works so well. His “cuts” were phantoms, even if they werent you cannot have ANY cuts that are further out than the next election cycle, they NEVER pan out since the new congress does whatever the fuck it wants.

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  3. Hal_10000 *

    Aussie, to be fair to Christie, he hit Republicans too. They bear as much blame for this as Obama as they walked away from a grand bargain.

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  4. Section8

    Hal. what were the specifics of the “Grand Bargain”? We keep hearing about it, but we don’t even know. Besides, it was the democratic senate who kept fighting any changes that didn’t even come close to some of the generalized speculation that was part of the “Grand Bargain”. Grand Illusion would be a better description of it all. Serious cuts never were a consideration by the democrats. Just reshuffling of numbers. Those are not cuts.

    To Aussie: If you want to start sending us money to pay our bills feel free. A modest payment would be fine since you seem so concerned about our domestic affairs and what I or anyone other American here should be chipping in.

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  5. richtaylor365

    Aussie, I could not disagree with you more. It is clear what the dem strategy was to anyone that paid even a miniscule amount of attention. The president stays presidential by remaining above the fray, and doing everything on his part to scuttle any compromise. You remember the president’s budget he tried get through Congress last February? The one that actually raised the deficit, had not one single entitlements cut in it, and went down in flames 99 to zipperino?, Yeah, that one.

    The strategy is clear, blame the intransigence of the GOP on the committee for its ultimate failure, with the tag that the only way anything is going to get done in DC is if those strident bastids get voted out next November.

    The problem (again, obvious to anyone paying attention) is that the the GOP’ers on the SC did relent to raising taxes:

    The most significant element of the failed Super Committee negotiation is that Republicans offered to cross the no-net-tax-increase line in exchange for structural entitlement reform or structural tax reform and a permanent answer on tax rates.
    The six Super Committee Republicans made two offers to Super Committee Democrats:

    We will agree to these tax increases if they are packaged with structural entitlement reforms like the premium support system for Medicare assumed in the House budget resolution and if these tax rates are made part of permanent law; or
    We will agree to these net tax increases if they are part of a pro-growth tax reform that permanently lowers marginal income tax rates and if they are packaged with significant reductions in entitlement spending growth through incremental, non-structural changes.

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    Obama has quit even pretending to be president. All he fucking does is play golf while his wife skips out to eat at fancy restaurants and take vacations.

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  7. mikedomi39

    It is clear what the dem strategy was to anyone that paid even a miniscule amount of attention.

    The only strategy either side is employing is to PUNT until next november.

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  8. Section8

    they NEVER pan out since the new congress does whatever the fuck it wants.

    Bingo, the left pin their hopes on the thought people still don’t see that. You know, the type of people that put their money into any Ponzi scheme and still can’t recognize the next one they get in to.

    For the record here is a proposal that Obama actually did give some specifics about, and there are zero cuts to entitlements, much less the ridiculous notion that he’s gutting them.

    4 trillion he’s claiming to save

    — 1.5 through tax hikes

    — 1 trillion by war reduction that’s going to happen anyhow (pointless Harry Reid smoke and mirrors)

    — 248 Billion in savings to Medicare.
    No cuts, no age adjustment, no nothing. Savings comes because the government is… get this… going to stop overpaying. Now this is something that should not even be a card to play in a debate. If the government is overpaying, stop that shit, that’s not something for debate. What is this a threat that they’re going to continue to be sloppy if they don’t get their way? That’s like a person saying they deserve a raise or they will continue to not show up on time. I don’t think one person in their right mind would think a raise is a reasonable response to such an asinine proposal. The same goes with this.

    — Other health and Medicaid savings amount to $72 billion.
    No details on this one, but I would imagine it’s the same crap as the prior.

    — 250 billion from subsidies and other government programs.

    — 1.2 trillion from the budget control act that was already signed. You can’t rehash old shit and present it as new.

    So again, there are no cuts, there never were, and there won’t be.

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  9. Mississippi Yankee

    Just a casual look at the history of democrats promising a spending cut on “Tuesday” for a tax increase “today” is a simple matter. THEY LIE! And they will cum in your mouth! So if your not into that sort of stuff read about Reagan and Bush 41.

    The dems screwed over Reagan with that very same promise and then reneged immediately after. Yes they fucking lied. And then did the very same thing to “read my lips, no new taxes” Bush four or five years later.

    Some republicans may have some memory of this, obviously neither you or Hal do, but ANY tax plan MUST be accompanied by an immediate spending cut. Not tomorrow, not in ten years, but WITH. This isn’t rocket science here.

    The left cannot be trusted, ever again in my opinion, and this is all a matter of record.

    It’s come down to not doing the same thing over and over…

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  10. Mississippi Yankee

    I fail to see why this could be construed as a wrong tactic.

    We are at Valley Forge until January 2013. Skirmishes only for the time being.

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  11. AlexInCT

    Just a casual look at the history of democrats promising a spending cut on “Tuesday” for a tax increase “today” is a simple matter. THEY LIE!

    If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would be still waiting on the cuts Tip O’Neal promissed him if he raised taxes to give them more revenue in the short term back in 1980 something. Just like they did back then, every cut the demcorats have proposed so far happens a decade from now, but the taxes happen yesterday. The taxes stick, they spend, the cuts never come. Fuck that.

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