Adorable Marxist

The mother/creator/inspiration for OWS is tanned, rested, has hammer/sickle in hand, and is raring to throw down against that male stripper. Ya know, I bet she was a looker 10 years ago:

Alright, admit it, during this whole video you were hoping that camera would pan just a bit farther south.

Personally,I think Brown is toast. Mass. has no business having a GOP senator, that would be like California having one, ridiculous. Technically anyone would be hard pressed to prove Brown is a Republican, given his voting record. He would say that his only chance of staying employed representing a soviet satellite you have to embrace your inner Mao, a fair point.

I can’t think of anyone more “out there” (maybe Van Jones, is he also running?) then Warren. Sure, if Hugo Chavez can’t be president then Obama would do nicely, and she certainly would rubber stamp anything coming out of this WH, but the type of damage she would do would not be good, whoever was president. It might be time for Brown to start sending out his resume, and working on that six pack for his next photo shoot.

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  1. TxAg94

    I’m curious who the “rest of us” who paid for everything, according to her, is. I suspect many of her constituents don’t pay any state or federal taxes at all and likely offset any fuel or other taxes they might actually pay by taking government handouts on a regular basis.

    And I doubt tiny hamburger USB drives are made here. I’m surprised we’re not forced to import real hamburgers yet due to the hostile business climate we have, themore of which this crazy broad would push.

    I do like the refreshing approach. I often wish our politics was more direct like this is at least made to look like.

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  2. AlexInCT

    Speaking of Massholes, it looks like Barney Frank is pulling a Dodd.

    Longtime U.S. Rep. Barney Frank won’t be running for re-election in 2012 ending an often controversial but always outspoken tenure.

    Considering this is Massachussetts, I would not be surprised they find someone even worse than this douchebag to take over the batton. Just be careful where you hold that batton. No telling where Barney kept the thing.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    Sahrab, you really need to get your eyes checked if you think the lovely woman in the YouTube video is 62 frikkin years old.

    Did you look at the 2nd link in my comments?

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  4. Nexus

    Alright, admit it, during this whole video you were hoping that camera would pan just a bit farther south.

    Yes. This video is seriously lacking in cleavage…

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