Ain’t Love Grand?

The powers of attraction (or the compulsion to get laid, your call) has been with us since day one, it has consumed man’s passion, causing him to waste more time and commit more energy and effort then pretty much anything else. That, and eating of course. And as the old saying goes, there is no accounting for taste. I am always amazed when I see an absolute knock out arm and arm, fawning over some dirtbag. It can’t be only that he has a big dick, or has access to the best supply of blow. Similarly, guys that have it together, firing on all cylinders, some of them are sporting bargain basement ladies, throwing that whole “Beautiful people” ass over tea kettle.

And when a man pines over that which is allusive, there is no end to the hilarity:

Redneck Video Dating Disaster - Watch MoreFunny Videos

After Janice sees this video, Randy is a shoe in. Although, taking a man’s truck (and his house………ummmmm) does not sound very loving. I like the parts where he describes her as 5-1 and healthy (translation, she is built like a fire hydrant), and she has the best boobs ( translation, these are the only female boobs he has ever seen.). And having kids so that they can bring you beer, genius.

I have never put much stock in these online dating sites, but if it can get these two whacky lovebirds back together, I suspect they are soul mates, then there will be joy in Mississippi. And she best act fast, while she still has some teeth left.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    About 10 years ago my wife I saw this Japanese woman here inn Seattle that was a 25 on a scale of 1 – 10. I think my wife suddenly understood lesbians for a moment or two – she was that stunning. She was hanging on the arm of a complete dirtbag; a rat-faced bum with no hygiene that treated her like utter crap.

    And you could tell that she wasn’t paid for – she was desperate for the most meager crumbs of approval from this guy, and would have done, literally, anything for him.

    We watched this spectacle for about 10 minutes or so, and once I got over the total shock of seeing such a beautiful woman debase herself for what I considered to be little more than a talking monkey, pretty much the only thing I wanted to do was put a bullet into his head and find her counseling.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    I suspect they are soul mates, then there will be joy in Mississippi.


    Your post was funny…. for a couple different reasons

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