They admit they wanted it to fail!

And that’s because they think they profit from that failure. Barney Frank, he who with another crook, Chris Dodd, was instrumental in the last housing market collapse, and, whom i remind you all demanded to “fix it”, and thus, have set us up for an even bigger one in the near future, admits that the super committee, that many like me have pointed out was set up from the start to fail by the left, failing, was good for democrats.

Video, with green lefty propaganda advertisement when I watched it, follows.

The question begs to be asked: “Why does it always feel like every time democrats “win” anything, that the country loses big?” This committee was set up to fail from the start because the left wants both to destroy the military and, at a minimum, keep the current spending levels. After all, it has allowed them to steer trillions of dollars to their base, lobbying community, friends, chosen businesses, and of course, campaign coffers, and they know that without all that money they would end up dead.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The question begs to be asked: “Why does it always feel like every time democrats “win” anything, that the country loses big?”

    1) Because they are still “fundamentally reshaping America” into their vision of a Marxist shithole

    2) Because they hate America

    3) Because FUCK YOU!! They’re getting theirs

    4) Because they are so much better educated and know what’s best for us

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  2. davidst

    I was recently thinking that the inefficiency of marxism would be fine if there was little enough real work that needed to be done that we could accept the inefficiency. But we’re no where near there yet. Similarly, there’s nothing wrong with socialism if we are prepared to accept some inefficiency to achieve a desired result (like providing basic necessities to everyone). My point is that as technology and society evolves, capitalism may become increasingly obsolete. If liberals are making a mistake, it’s that they are jumping the gun.

    Maybe the evil here isn’t trying to provide more people with a house, but our inability to provide people with a means of affording those houses. Pure capitalism demands individuals work long hours, even (or especially) during times of low employment, because it reduces the costs of training employees. But what is worse, having to subsidize the unemployed or incurring higher training costs and having most people able to work at least 20 hours?

    As a larger point, it takes more than rich people having money to create activity. Rich people can’t create useful businesses if poor people don’t have money to buy the goods or services.

    I’m a long term fiscal conservative, but I’m really starting to get some liberal ideas in my head these days. Am I missing something here?

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  3. Section8

    We will fail alright. We’ll be Greece before too long, and super committee or even super duper committee or not, these jerkoffs keep pushing the idea we’ll just be able to get money left and right from whoever is willing to lend it, or tax people to death (because that is what it will take) and if that doesn’t work, just print it and magically not destroy the dollar. There will be cuts, there will be broken obligations, we’ll just have to collapse entirely as a nation before that happens and it will happen, it'[s simple math. I think it should be now. We deserve it, not the kids down the road.

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