All Gussied Up

A common misconception, aided by 99% of the videos posted that displays the disenfranchised, is that your average OWS female (at least those with any staying power) is a virtual laboratory of communicable diseases, lice ridden, yeast infected, syphilis harboring, glory holes even more threatening and ominous then black holes, where even the most lethal dosages of penicillin would not last as long as a naked Brooklyn Decker roaming the streets of any AQ run village in Afghanistan. Time for the old “blind Squirrel” “stopped watch” comparisons:

Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street from Steven Greenstreet on Vimeo.

A couple things, bones in the nose, tatted up to hide the track marks chicks are not in and of themselves HOT. And I’m not entirely convinced that these all came from OWS protests, but it does provide a nice contrast.

And many of these folks get it. For instance, that guy waving the flag that says ,”Debt is slavery”, how true, I wonder if he has any clue who those dastardly villains are that got us there. But flag waving is much easier then dot connecting.

And the woman with the sign that she is not homeless but her kids will be, prescient. She knows what the problem is, but is helpless in identifying any viable solution, camping out at OWS gatherings with the determination of ,”We will stay here as long as it takes” is pretty much the prog solution for most ills, allow me to continue in a behavior that assuages my guilt and makes me feel good about myself, regardless of it’s effectiveness, yeah, way to go us.

I like the energy and enthusiasm, if only it could be channeled into a direction of purpose.

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  1. Mississippi Yankee

    Penicillin Penny

    Penicillin Penny she’s the queen of the sunset strip
    If she ever gives you any then you’d better see your doctor real quick…, Dr. Hook is great. I love their stuff and all rights belong to them.

    Sung by Dr. Hook
    Written by the late great Shel Silverstein

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    My last comment was meant to be comical but it was, in no way, condoning rich’s views about young women in general and these women specifically.

    All of the girls and women shown were young idealist. As were most young people through out the ages. Hell I was to the left of CM in my teens, and the only thing that kept me from the Viet Nam protest was a sense of patriotism.

    Many, if allowed, will outgrow their FTW sentiment and become productive members society. Some will remain in finger pointing mode, and if lucky(by their standards) will gravitate into academia where some can get tax payers to fund their finger pointing. Of course some will actually teach, and I wish them well.

    rich, you seem to have taken an hiatus. Wish you had brought more with you when you came back to the table.
    While others will become boney-fide leftist. I wanted to say honest leftist but it I don’t believe that for a moment.

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    ME and a friend of mine drug our dicks through a Earth First/Hug the Whales protest in St Louis in 98 or so. oh damm., yeah some of those girls are hot, sleezy hippy hot, but still.

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  4. InsipiD

    I’d be far more expectant of finding folks like the bearded big-tittied freak at occupy rallies than anything I’d stick my own dick in.

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