Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

Everyone loves to tell us how much they hate America, how dumb they think we are, how we are imperialistic, and so on and on and on, but when given a choice, well..

Global Power: Much is being made of China’s unease at President Obama’s initiative this week to raise the U.S. presence in the Pacific Rim. The real story is Asia’s unease with China’s expansionism. It wants America back. Beijing was taken by surprise at the U.S. president’s newfound interest in making America a presence again in the Pacific. But in reality it was a sign that Asian states prefer a U.S.-centric Pacific over a China-centric one. On his visit to Hawaii, Bali and Australia, Obama announced that 2,500 U.S. troops would be stationed in northern Australia, a move welcomed with open arms not just by Australia but across the Pacific.

I had this conversation with several foreign fiends before. They all have a laundry lists of complaints about how the US gets it all wrong. Some blamed America for every problem. Then you would ask them, in earnest whom they would prefer by the world’s super power, and without exception not a single one of them wanted anyone else. The old USSR? No way. China then or now? Hell no! The only ones that resulted in some interesting talks where India or Brazil. Yeah, they – and especially the Europeans I talked to – scratched Europe off the list because they understood it would mean the end of the nanny state and since the percentage of the population that was sucking at the teat was larger than those producing, this was never going to fly.

See the Asians might have gotten angry with us, but just a meager does of where China would take the world, they are all doubling back. That’s because for all their complaining, some of it might even be justified, the fact remains that “evil imperialistic America” keeping the wolves at bay has been why we have the last century of progress. That it all is about to cave in because we let the left take us in the wrong direction though makes them even more afraid and determined to ensure we stay around to keep the wolves away.

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  1. Section8

    Why are we doing this? We are idiots Alex, we keep footing the bill. We need to cut back, not continue on with this. If there are any countries worried about China, they have a budget, they can prioritize. Enough of this crap.

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  2. Mississippi Yankee

    As for this action in the pacific, am I the only one entertaining the thought that ‘this greater presence’ may be at China’s behalf? Their military still isn’t very robust, they know it but more importantly Russia knows it too.

    The former USSR has been rebuilding their military forces since Putin was the president. And guess who is going to be the new president?

    China has much more to fear from a strong Russia then they’ll ever have to fear from US.
    China wants wealth… Russia wants it’s former power.

    U.S. troops would be stationed in northern Australia, a move welcomed with open arms not just by Australia but across the Pacific.

    Off the top of my head I’d say Hal and his bride are none too happy about this. After all that was to be their retreat when the southern border collapses here.

    [just keepin’ ya honest Hal]

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