PIPA and SOPA Must Die

Congress seems poised to fuck up the internet, but good.

PROTECT IP Act Breaks The Internet from Fight for the Future on Vimeo.

Peter Suderman has a run-down of everything that’s included. The video above gets the basic gist. A site like ours could be harassed, denied advertisements or shut down if someone posts a link to a pirate site in a comment or if we embed a video that used unauthorized music. Hell, if they had their wish, we’d be in trouble if we quoted a movie without permission.

We have stood by while these entertainment industry goons get ever increasing power over our lives. But now they’re talking about being ensconced as the referees of the internet, vested with almost unlimited power. And our Congress is either so well-bought or so technically ignorant that they’re likely to give it to them. Ron Wyden, one of the few good guys, is fighting this tooth and nail. But he’s one man holding the hill against the platinum album horde.

They need to be told what they’re doing. And they need to be held accountable if they do it. Party doesn’t matter on this; freedom does.

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  1. CzarChasm

    There’s a link at the Vimeo page for “fightforthefuture.org” where you can send a pre-written email to your representatives and senators to request that they oppose the legislation. The pre-written letter is editable if you want to personalize it, or add pertinent info. I did add some info about the Righthaven case(s) that have already been ruled on, upholding the long-established legal axiom of “fair use” in cases very similar to what the video suggests this legislation will seek to regulate. According to the video, your legislators are either ignorant of the implications of the new legislation against the interests of freedom of speech and fair use of copyrighted material, or they’re being inundated with dishonest, jaded industry propaganda that highlights protecting copyrights while ignoring the long-standing fair use doctrine that has its basis in decades of legal precedent.

    Bottom line, if you want to continue to be able to link to news stories here and on other forums/blogs, or you want to add music to your vacation videos and post them to YouTube, or, like me, either play music or video/audio record at events/venues where musicians get together to play cover music and make those videos/audio recordings available to others via an internet connection, you better take the couple of minutes it takes to inform your representatives and senators about how adversely this legislation will effect you. The legislative process is supposed to be an interactive event. The internet makes it ridiculously easy to interact with your elected government officials. Do it.


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