Pull The Trigger

You knew this was coming:

The reason the [budget supercommittee] was to succeed where other bipartisan negotiations have failed was the “trigger.” The inability of the two sides to reach a deal would trigger $1 trillion in automatic cuts over the next 10 years. Half of that would come from domestic spending, although Social Security, Medicaid and a few other programs for low-income Americans would be protected. The other half would come from the Pentagon.

But increasingly, no one fears the trigger. If it is activated, Republicans have spoken openly about undoing the defense cuts — and the White House and congressional Democrats would happily sign on. But the White House won’t allow the defense cuts to be lifted if the other side of the trigger — domestic cuts — isn’t also defused. So it’s simple to imagine the coalition that will disarm the trigger.

The GOP and the Secretary of Defense are making the absurd claim that the Pentagon is on the brink of collapse because it’s funding has only doubled in the last decade, even excluding war spending. They are also promulgating the idea that a small slowing of growth in the next decade — several hundred billion out of more than ten trillion in planned defense spending — would cripple our defense.

I feared this would happen when the debt deal was made. Republicans won’t raise taxes or cut spending; Democrats won’t cut spending or raise taxes on anyone other than “the rich”. And so we can look forward to even more spectacular explosions of debt.

Food and ammo, guys.

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  1. AlexInCT

    Excellent point Dave D. The problem is that people only focus on defense spending as if defense spending is money doesn’t in turn go to people doing a valuable service for the country, jobs that are high tech, pay big tax dollars, and are amongst the few things still made in America. And unlike the big nanny state defense spending is in the constitution. Not to mention that everyone gets a benefit from defense spending but most of us get very little to nothing from the bloated welfare system. And at least the troops defending us don’t tell me I owe them more money, cause they feel I am too well off.

    BTW, I am convinced that the nanny staters, in both parties, want this negotiation that circumvents the constitution to go down in flames. That’s because they see a benefit in the ensuing crisis. It’s how they plan to sell the people a whole lot of manure as a mountain of chocolate come the next election. Its why Reid is still blocking any kind of annual budget bill – we have been with one since 2009, when the democrats opted to punt so they wouldn’t have to show how badly they had been mismanaging the country while they controlled both the congress and the WH – in the Senate.

    We are so fucked, but the rats just want more free shit.

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  2. Dave D

    We’re kinda like a lagging Greece. “More free shit for me. Damn the fiscal health of the country!” It has to end soon and probably will not end well. China can only bail us out for so long……..

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  3. Miguelito

    From what I’ve seen and read recently, China’s in far worse shape then most believe. They’ve propped up their economy on smoke and mirrors building out nearly entire cities that no one lives in. Their real estate collapse will likely make ours look like tiny blip in comparison.

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  4. Miguelito

    On top of the age issue, they’ve built all the real estate that no one can actually afford to live in. It’s essentially make work projects writ large. But do a RE bubble bursting and the aging factor together (and add in a dab of the men massively outnumbering women to make them really unhappy) and it’s a recipe for disaster on a massive scale.

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