Perry Stumbles


To be fair … I do some amount of public speaking and have occasionally had a brain cramp. Just last week, an unexpectedly raucous response to a throwaway joke threw me off my stride. But experienced speakers — and Perry is one — have ways of recovering. You combine this with his prior debate performances and his drunken syrup speech, and the impression is of a candidate who is just winging it. (Not that he’s the only one who gives that impression). If the Bush years taught us anything, it’s that the ability to communicate ideas is one of the most critical aspects of a presidency.

The other thing I take from this is that Perry hasn’t really invested a lot of thought in which department he would keep and which he would cut. His plan to cut three is just something to say. The actual departments he would cut are irrelevant since it’s very unlikely to very happen. Frankly, it seemed last night that Romney and Huntsman were the only ones to be thinking about how to govern and what actual policies to implement rather than what sounds good in a 30-second sound bite.

On its own, this gaffe would be amusing but meaningless. When you consider it in the context of an inept campaign, it’s an apotheosis of everything that’s gone wrong for Team Perry.

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  1. AlexInCT

    I think the more important thing from this circus – Perry has been dead since he fucked up on his illegal immigration thing, and frankly I expect just mroe of it as he flails around in desperation – was how stupid the people on the pannel asking questions from PMSNBC were. Seriously they tried real hard to come off as smart with their ideological questions, all lefty bent and all condescengingly idiotic in nature, and with but one exception I can think off, got owned and pimp slapped. By the end you could see the anger and depseration – they knew they had been schooled – on their faces.

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  2. CM

    Seriously they tried real hard to come off as smart with their ideological questions, all lefty bent and all condescengingly idiotic in nature

    Can you give us a couple of examples (the worst ones perhaps)?

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Yeah, he lost my vote for the nomination some time back as well. Not sure exactly when, but I sorts just wrote him off as “not really ready, but thinks he is”…

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    At one point i was resigned to believing that the nomination was gonna boil down top perry or Romney, i was pretty much aghast, at it all,a nd fully expecting to see Obama take the WH again.
    Thankfully, this asshole from texas, Al Gores buddy in 2000, is falling fast.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    Last night has made me agree with Hal, in fact let’s just give Obama 5 more years right now.

    And I’m no the only person to feel this way.

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  6. CzarChasm

    I’m not so sure that making a joke out of wanting to become President is a great idea, but I found this kinda funny:

    I’m a big fan of self-deprecating humor, and I enjoyed this clip, but drawing even more attention to him looking like such a dolt on a network that probably only 10 or 15 people were even watching when it happened, seems to me to be about as bad a brain-fart as the original one. This may be the first sign that he knows he’s dead in the water, and is going to campaign to create an image of humility and being self-effacing before he quits the campaign for president.

    Well, this is funny….As I’m typing the above, a new Perry ad comes on TV. Starts out with something close to, “If you want a slick speaker who is great at reading a teleprompter, we’ve already got one of those….” He’s got a point there.

    I looked for a vid of the ad and couldn’t find it, but found another example of Perry drawing attention to his debate debacle. The page’s title says, “So, what agency would you most like to forget?” It’s a donation page where you get to “pick” another agency you’d like to forget for every $5.00 increment you donate. Only $5 bucks per choice? Dude is toast. He thinks small.


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  7. mrblume

    The previous debates have become increasingly interesting. This one was a regression. The same talking points, the usual circle jerk. The Obama Economy let’s get America working again nine nine nine *yawn*. Rick Santorum may be wrong on basically every single issue, but at least he is interesting.

    Consequently, Newt Gingrich is increasingly getting on my nerves with his obnoxious pandering to the audience. Of course, some people indeed seem to think that the two parties to these debates are the republication field and the moderators.

    Oh, and that Jim Cramer really doesn’t have a non-shouting voice, does he.

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