OWS crew shows what they really want..

If you are not bored or turned off yet by the OWS crowd, we now have another incident that shows us what these people are all about, and it ain’t pretty but hits home:

SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A pair of Southland street cart vendors who were forced to shut down their businesses after “Occupy” protesters vandalized their carts are hoping to get some help from local residents. KNX 1070′s Tom Reopelle reports a fundraiser in the Gas Lamp district in San Diego on Monday night is aimed at helping two vendors get back on their feet.

And why did the OWS crowd do this you would ask? Maybe these vendors where part of that 1%? Rich fat cats? Nah, their crime was what the OWS movement is all about:

Coffee cart owner Linda Jenson and hot dog cart operators Letty and Pete Soto said they initially provided free food and drink to demonstrators, but when they stopped, the protesters became violent. And according to one city councilman, bodily fluids were used in the attacks.

They stopped giving the spoiled brats shit for free. If you needed an example of what the OWS movement was about, this is it. Give us whatever we want for free or face the mob. I am glad these goons never fooled me, but there are so many that still think this movement is legitimate in some decent way. There isn’t anything like that. This movement is about those that want to be the “haves” pretending they want to rob Peter to pay off themselves and become the new “haves”, and they are using the greed and envy of the “have nots” to push that.

It’s not a coincidence that supporters of OWS everywhere seem to end up covered in urine, feces, and blood when the mob feels displeasure towards those they feel should be giving them shit for free. This is what decades of “everyone is special” and “everyone gets a trophy” has brought us.

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  1. Miguelito

    Here’s today’s new news too: Occupy protesters to seek court protection

    I want to see the Tea Party people that followed the rules and paid the fees continue to fight to get their money back. I know the local people here are doing it, and searching for something like “tea party petitioning fees refunded” on google gets 1Million+ hits now. People see the double standard and want their money back.

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