Next Time, Mr. President, Just Bring A Fruit Basket

Why do the Obama’s hate the French? Could it be that since both have taken office, Sarkozy has acted more American and Obama has acted more French like?

Consensus might point to a giddy president, overseas, out of arm’s swing, just basking in the news that the leading GOP contenders are mud wrestling with each other, lending credence that Obama is always above the fray. But those that have been paying any attention at all can marvel at Obama’s ability to step on his junk, even when nobody’s watching.

This week the president is over in Cannes, France attending the latest G20 summit. We all remember how dazzling he was at last years summit, where nobody was particularly impressed with his self imposed awesomeness:

Europe spurns Obama’s plea for more spending
President Obama wants to slow Europe’s headlong rush to austerity. But right now he looks like little more than a speed bump for the cutback crowd.

Yeah, the rest of the world has already figured out that all that Keynesian stuff doesn’t work, but he keeps trying.

So this year, he thought a new approach was warranted, good on him, and nothing like insulting your host endears yourself to the group:

President Obama came, he saw, he insulted.

“Obama insults Sarkozy,” blared the headline on one French website, taking umbrage at Mr. Obama’s wayward remark at the G20 summit here about the physical appearance of French President Nicolas Sarkozy.

Mr. Obama thought he was making a gentle joke about Mr. Sarkozy, host of the summit, when he congratulated Mr. Sarkozy and wife Carla Bruni on the birth of their baby daughter on Oct. 19. Instead, Mr. Obama caused a minor international incident.

This diplomacy stuff is harder then giving a toast to the Queen of England.

Making a joke at the little guy’s expense, how original, what? no guy in a wheelchair you can push over?

And Michelle is no better, she don’t take a hankering to anyone upstaging her by flashing a pretty face:

Maybe tomorrow our president can walk over and give Angela Merkel a titty twist.

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  1. Kimpost

    Obama complimented Carla Bruni by suggesting that the child, luckily got its looks from Carla and not the husband. Has anyone here seriously not used the same kind of joke? I must have done it a thousand times. Anyway, a news paper took it as an insult? Bah, the French…

    I tried Google and found that L’Observateur criticized the joke, but I also saw that France Soir found it harmless. Perhaps this is just another example of how the 24 hour news cycle always tries to find controversy everywhere?

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  2. Xetrov

    I’d agree. Granted, I probably wouldn’t use that kind of joke when meeting with a world leader, but C’est la vie. If Sarkozy didn’t take offense, the media just needs to shut the hell up.

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  3. richtaylor365 *

    Hey, Kim, this was just a Tongue-in-cheek piece, nothing more. You think any self respecting right winger would give a rat’s butt what the French think? At least Obama didn’t bow to Sarkozy, that’s something.

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  4. AlexInCT

    “My skinny man might not be able to kick your man’s ass, but I can kick all three of your asses at the same time” is my bet..

    Or maybe Michelle is pissed abotu fatty french Fries or something…

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  5. AlexInCT

    C’est la vie.

    I once heard a frenchman say this to a spaniard, after the spaniard’s wife fell down and her skirt flew up, and the spanish translation sounded an awful like “I saw her you know what” for which the frenchman earned a punch from the spaniard….

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    As desperately as Sarkozy (and Merkel) need US dollars to throw at Greece it would be damn near impossible for Obungler to insult them. Intentionally or otherwise.

    He needs to be making demands. And he probably is too, but I meant for the US.

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