The 99% Zombie Killers

As sites like Ebay, Craigslist, and Amazon Marketplace can attest, folks will buy and sell pretty much anything not nailed down. As a free market guy myself, the unfettered ability to hawk stuff, to find a demand for goods you got access to, and price your stuff for the soul purpose of crushing the competition, that is true Americana (now I’m getting all weepy). If those entrepreneurial souls can make a buck selling OWS T shits and tote bags, clearly this market is untapped. So, what is good prog capitalist to do?

A NSFW warning on that video attached. Yes, a group from that sanctimonious party who keeps reminding us how civilized, evolved, educated, tolerant, more scientifically prone, and compassionate they are has created a video and merchandise where Republicans are murdered in the most horrific ways, but it’s all for a good cause,namely to keep those zombie Republicans out of the White House. So for the cost of a T shirt you too can do you part and keep the mayhem going.

The creator of this site and the idea of fighting Republican zombies is that same assclown that came with , which I’ve posted on before.

The good news is that even dopey progs still value capitalism and look for opportunities to make money, but it’s not all greed, a portion of the proceeds go to “fund live zombie protests of Republican candidates”, does this mean that we can look forward to zombies interrupting the Republican debates, or the Republican convention? Sounds like it.

I know, we can’t prove that Obama, Wasserman Shultz, or Pelosi is behind this (Nancy would make a good zombie), and no sweeping pronouncements or broad brush condemnations are made here, the lunatic fringe at work, I get it.

But if big bucks can be made in this venue, I bet a young enterprising Republican can come up with a better idea, wittier, more nuanced, and more insulting to those hope and change sheeple that prefer the protection and care that big government affords them.

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  1. Poosh

    It’s a testament to the hegemony of capitalist ideology, that they can take a movement fighting capitalism, or infect said movement, and turn it into a working cog of capitalism. The protesters, etc, think they are free to protest, they have *just* enough freedom to protest, but they protest whilst completely immersed in capitalism and are still dominated by capitalist ideology. Someone once pointed out to me how ironic and absurd it is that Che Guevara t-shirts are a PRODUCT, produced and sold on a mass scale for profit…

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  2. CM

    I’m not sure the OWS movement is against capitalism per-se, just against the current recipe. I haven’t seen any protesting against the theory that products or services can be sold privately for profit.

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  3. AlexInCT


    Maybe you should have said that you do not think a lot of the dupes that have fallen for this nonsense are aware that the whole thing is staged and run by anti-capitalist & communists, but there is no doubt to people paying attention, with the involvement of old 60s hippy communists, the big unions, ACORN, the DNC, and several of those organizations that love Obama but think he has not gone left enough, that it is so. But have no doubt that the people running this show ARE anti-capitalists and many down right believers in communism.

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  4. richtaylor365 *

    I’m not sure the OWS movement is against capitalism per-se, just against the current recipe.

    Yeah, the recipe that involves working, starting at the bottom and working your up, and actually making an effort.

    I saw a youtube video last week (too lazy to go hunting for it now, murdering my second cocktail while waiting for the Alabama/LSU game) but it featured a work booth set up in the midst of OWS in NY, these guys were posing as recruiters of various companies and they were trying to get those claiming to be out of work, trying to get them to at least fill out an application for an interview so that they could secure a job. It was an incredible sight, the hemming and hawwing, demanding that they be paid a “living wage” (translation, I will only start out at executive level) , the bottom line was that those crybabies did not want a job, they wanted a hand out, they want to be given stuff, something for nothing because that something (having to actually work) was a deal breaker for them.

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  5. CM

    They are mainly protesting social and economic inequality, corporate greed, corruption and influence over government—particularly from the financial services sector—and lobbyists. None of that is anti-capitistic per se. As many of you have pointed out, the corruption and influence over government concerns are shared by those on the right.
    That’s not to say that there are communists and other extremists in the mix, who have been trying hard to push it to be anti-capitalist.

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  6. CM

    Ok well I think that’s simply dismissing/ignoring some of the issues being raised, some of which are to do with capitalism being broken, as opposed to ending capitalism.

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