Hearsay, For Sure

Human nature will invariably draw us to any bit of info or media that reinforces any preconceived notions we have, about anything. It validates what we already know, or think we know, and makes us feel better about our analytical skills. In this vein, and admitting up front that it offers zero probative value, I present this:

The reason we exclude “Hearsay” assertions in courts of law is simple, they are unreliable, and in this video it is possible that what he is saying is 100% accurate, or it could be entirely made up. But is there anyone here who down deep was not nodding through out, saying to himself ,”Figures”? I’ll put it this way, it is consistent with other stuff I have read about how the various presidents have treated those tasked with protecting them. And whatever truth lies in the depictions, it speaks directly to the character and integrity of our leaders, who we hope are worthy of the job.

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  1. Poosh

    Michelle Obama is a racist? NO SHIT SHERLOCK.

    When President Bush visited the UK a few years back he met the leaders of the third party, the strong liberal party. They came out of that meeting, which was just them and no one else, surprised at Bush’s intellect and decency, They too had fallen for the fictional character of “W” the media had skilfully created. It was heartening to see them realise their mistake.

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  2. Poosh

    Remember the Dem recently that, in some sort of military meeting, treated a General or something as a “waiter” demanding he get her food or water or something, as if he was a servant. The general obliged and did not say a word.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Even though I frequently disagreed with W’s actions, I always gave him credit for a couple things that were frequently glossed over by the press.

    1) Fighter pilot

    2) Harvard MBA

    Yeah, let’s see most other politicians take those on and see how well they do.

    As for the video – I have never read anything that contradicts the message and a LOT that backs it up.

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  4. CM

    If I know liberals, I’ll bet she didn’t even tip the poor guy! Democrats don’t tip. They simply assume that everyone should be serving them as a matter of course.

    LMAO! They are SUCH arsehole retards!

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    You can view his profile here:

    I am a retired law enforcement officer and former Deputy U.S. Marshal with a strong faith in God and Country. I have traveled the world as a security and anti-terrorism specialist.

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