More US Deaths In Afghanistan

Here is a question for the group ,” Does anyone think that Afghan forces will ever be combat ready and able to defend their own country against the Taliban? Does anyone think that the Afghan people will gain the will and the desire instilled by nationalistic pride to fight for and protect their own nation? I ask these questions because if the answer is NO, to either, then what’s the point?

At least 13 U.S. troops were killed in Kabul on Saturday when a suicide bomber struck a vehicle in a NATO military convoy, a U.S. military official said.

Details are sketchy, could be more US deaths and certainly more NATO and civilian deaths.

We see this phenomenon all the time in the investing world, called the sunk cost fallacy, where good money is thrown after bad because any diminution would be a sign of failure or a mistake, so instead of admitting a bad hand and folding, we go all in hoping (praying) that some serendipitous event will save us. We see this all time with economic aid, backing the wrong regime, the wrong tin horned dictator because at the time it seemed like a wise move. But when conditions change and events turn against us, the aid continues because, well, we stop it would prove that we (the government) was wrong, and would erode the confidence of the folks. With Afghanistan , it is too late.

Afghanistan is doomed because on both sides of the equation, ours and theirs, there is no credible foundation of competence. On Our side, we have this:

Washington has indicated its willingness to negotiate with Taliban leader Mullah Omar and now regards his involvement as crucial to the prospects for peace in Afghanistan, Hillary Clinton has said.

And on their side, we have this:

Afghanistan would back rival Pakistan in a war with America, Afghan President Hamid Karzai said Sunday.

What’s the old saying, “With friends like these……………….”?

Playing from a position of weakness, America has never been able to trust Karzai for the simple fact that he is a weasel, he is untrustworthy. State has always assumed that democracy is hard, an acquired skill with a sharp learning curve, but under proper supervision, boat loads of cash, and the patience of Job, something could be cabled together to resemble a free democratic state.

A worthy endeavor, and deserving of our patience and money, initially. But more and more stuff has been revealed about Karzai. He has always played both sides against the middle, taking our money and aid while offering to do our bidding, but ditto that with Iran, who’s interests are a bit different then ours.

Factor in that the Taliban is supplied with substantial funding from the local drug trade, and who is the head honcho, the Tony Montana of the drug trade? Karzai’s little brother. This “intimacy” that Karzai has with the Taliban, is not a secret, yet, we play ball with him like he is on our side, how stupid. Drugs and billions in cash flow in and out of Kabul, right under our noses, but he let’s us play soldier in his back yard, so we don’t interfere. But he does interfere with us, hindering out capabilities by demanding that the NATO led coalition stop carrying out night raids and limit airstrikes.

As it stand now, the official hand off date is 2014, the full transfer of the security responsibilities to the Afghan government, with the proviso that if the situation warrants and they are not ready, we stay longer, how encouraging? 9 years of training their security forces already, training folks who’s allegiance is a total crap shoot, training Afghans who is just as likely to turn that gun around and shoot his trainer, or after learning everything he can about our training and methods, go join the Taliban.

I think it is time that American forces apply my Iraq Doctrine, that we will stay in your flea bitten sand chocking loyalty challenged country but here is the deal, American forces stay behind great big walls, secured from suicide bombers, and we advise, that is all we do, advise. The heavy lifting, the going out on missions, going into harm’s way and doing the actual fighting, that is all on you. It is your country, it’s time to fight for it.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    We should have bailed on Afghanistan years ago, with a warning of using nukes if we ever had to go into that shithole again to straighten things out.

    Either that or we should have claimed it property of the USA and started selling off mineral rights, and using the money to elevate the are up from the category of “shithole” to “semi-civilized”.

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    When we first started our “adventure” in Afghanistan, i clearly stated, that is we wanted to really win, we would have to commit to a a multi decade occupation , that would require us to change/convert, the local culture from its tribal state to something much more western.
    We have not even tried to do any of that, so it is not so surprising that we are still suffer from attacks, and in the event of our pull out Afghanistan will revert back to a tribal state, which its interests would not be inline with the united states.

    Since this nation doe not have the treasure or willingness to force these changes, then its time to pack our shit and go home.
    If there is a resurgence in violence directed at us from this place, then we should just fucking flatten it.

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  3. Poosh

    I think it was Thomas Sowell who opposed Vietnam, not because it was a bad war to fight, it was a good war and a right war, but because he knew the US would not stay the course and would bail out, wasting thousands of lives.

    Which he was correct about.

    There was a documentary with British soldiers in Afghanistan, I think. They cleared out a small village or town and this villager was not pleased with their presence at first. He was a man who had some sort of disorder where his growth was stunted and he appeared childlike, though he was much older. Anyhow, this villager eventually befriend the Brits and supported them and the war aims. It was quite touching, he basically acted like Wicket from Return of the Jedi, helping them out wit the terrain etc.

    At the end of the documentary the British soldiers were ordered “back” thus loosing all the ground they had fought and bled for, due to a strategy change which, the soldiers implicitly demonstrated disdain for, obviously they didn’t say it out loud.

    At the end a few words came up informing us that once the Brits left the Wicket villager was found by the Taliban and murdered, shortly after.

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