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  1. AlexInCT

    This looks just like one of those Tea Party protests too, doesn’t it?

    Wait until people learn about the WH connection behind these OWS protests too…

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  2. Retluocc1

    My bias is toward free speech and against cops busting it up.

    Except that the right of free speech is subject to reasonable time and place restrictions. And local ordnances making it illegal to camp in a public space were being violated for far longer than is reasonable. And there were notices to vacate posted well in advance of this “raid”. And if the protesters wanted to show up day after day and stay from 6am to 10pm (the legal hours for the park) they would not have been in violation of the law and would not have been dispersed.

    My expectation is that the cops did this by-the-book.

    They Oakland cops have already been caught fibbing about the use of flash-bangs.

    I’ve seen that rumor too. Is there any proof? Maybe we can get one of our resident cops to chime in and give an opinion.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    You mean the ACORN fund-raising and organization?

    Anyway, this turned out pretty much exactly how I expected. Libtard hippie commies only have one game plan.

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  4. AlexInCT

    Gimme everything and make someone else pay for it while I just hang out, get high, and score with ugly chicks that don’t shave?

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  5. AlexInCT

    I’ve seen that rumor too. Is there any proof? Maybe we can get one of our resident cops to chime in and give an opinion.

    Who the hell is wasting flash-bangs on hippies? You need incendiary granades if you want to deal with them smelly freaks. Just like you do with zombies.

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  6. Seattle Outcast

    After the WTC riots here in Seattle a decade ago my opinion is that firehoses, rubber bullets, riot sticks and mace should have been brought out as the opening salvo, and examples should have been made of rock throwers.

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  7. balthazar

    If you had bothered to read WWZ or the zombie survival guide you know that incendiary grenades are meh at best vs zombies.

    All it really does is burn off clothing and make stumps out of thier hands and feet. they can still come at you without them. One of the best items to have is a nice semi automatic rifle and a quite way to kill them like a nice mace or axe.

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  8. Manwhore

    I appreciate your stance on this Hal. 1.) For the reason that the cops are lying (surprise, surprise in Oakland where they shoot unarmed civilians in the back). 2.) Because it is their right to peacefully assemble.

    All that said, this one is on OWS, and for this reason: they have made no progress in a list of demands. No one can negotiate with them if they don’t have a clear voice.

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  9. Manwhore

    Incendiaries are only going to slow zombies down. Best anti-zombie weaponry is explosive tip cross bows, sawed off shotgun, and HE grenades.

    Everyone knows the best place to survive the apocalypse is Hawaii. You kill all of the zombies off the island and then live a good 50 years, worry free. Because even if you had to worry that they can crawl underwater it would take them decades to do so (if they could even find you at all).

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