The VP Two Step

Last night on The Factor Marco Rubio, the preeminent rising star within the GOP, did a little dance with Bill, take a look:

Regarding the Post story, there is no one on the GOP side that keeps the dems up at night, hair pulling and hand wringing, bathed in sweat, like Marco Rubio. Here is a guy that exudes Ronald Reagan, with every breath, a younger more ethnic version, but principled beyond his years. In the last 2 minutes of this Rubio video (a bit strong on the background music), that is Reagan speaking those words, no doubt about it.

Although our current crop of presidential hopefuls is snooze city, about as inspiring as a jury summons, we are fortunate in that in this time we have some truly gifted newcomers that can cement some positive gains for the future. Folks, like Christie, Ryan, Cantor, Haley, Thune, McCoter, West, Scott, and Jindal, these guys will be doing the GOP heavy lifting. But as much as I admire everyone of these guys, right now Rubio is the alpha male.

Some might become disheartened at the finality of his dismissal, his refusal to even consider the VP slot, not to worry. Given how the process works, nobody campaigns for the VP slot, at least not out in the open, so only a fool would have fallen into that trap and put himself out there.

In most presidential elections, the VP slot is pretty much an after thought, used more as a chess piece to work some regional or ethnic advantage. Rubio will be different. And all that crap about balance, a moderate must choose a conservative as his running mate, ditto with a conservative choosing a moderate, that all goes out the window. Rubio will be at the top of everyone’s Christmas list.

I found it interesting that Rubio thinks he can accomplish so much staying in the Senate, I guess he hasn’t been paying attention, Obama plans to govern by executive order now and by pass Congress entirely, hail to the chief.

Whatever lack of inspiration I have for the GOP hopefuls, if whoever the candidate is can secure a tandem with Rubio, I could get excited again, after all, he is going to get to the WH eventually, this is as good a way as any.

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  1. Kimpost

    I don’t know. You might be (probably are) right but he was unusually strong in his refusal. Almost like if he would say no on principle. Guess we’ll see what happens. Florida is important after all, and could he say no on principle even if (when) being leaned upon?

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  2. Manwhore

    It’s political suicide. He would have to be a “token” and when elected have to let the Latino population down with conflicting legislation on latino immigrants. Cubans generally stick to Florida and Cuban related issues (saying this as someone born and raised in Miami). Besides, at forty hehas plenty of time to run, and would you really want to be POTUS at the helm of potentially one of the most turbulent times in American history?

    I agree with you, he wants a show on Fox.

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  3. JimK

    You make a point…who the frigging hell would even WANT this job right now? I suppose we should consider that when looking at all the candidates this time…what kind of fucked-up person would want to be POTUS right now?

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  4. West Virginia Rebel

    Rubio has a lot going for him, but once again I think we’re seeing the “Candidate of the Month” vibe with him the same way there was with Chris Cristie and Paul Ryan. He’s definitely got a future, but probably not in 2012.

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  5. Manwhore

    Ok. Now I am curious. Do I know you? You ‘wintered’ in DeLand? Is that even possible?

    Dude, you’re not a flamingo and DeLand is 3000 people. I can find you. :)

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    I spent my winters directly across the railroad tracks from the old train depot north of town in the mid 70’s.

    Think lions and tigers and elephants.

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