Shut up already!

WTF? Why are these morons demanding Obama return his peace prize, anyway? Are Hoekstra, and Paul, who recently said much of the same, insane? Why do they want to ruin a great thing? Why are they blaming Obama for the actions of a bunch of political partisan America & BooshChimpyMcHitler hating hacks? So what that these idiots gave him a peace prize to spite Bush and America in general? That’s not the Organizer-in-Chief’s fault! To me that Nobel peace prize they gave him, considering he not only kept the Bush policies but escalated them, then started a few more wars of his own, has been one of the the best things ever. Now that he has proven even more militant than Bush – without the constant carping and whining for fuckwads that were only bothered by war or the killing of terrorists, to the point they supported their causes, when the guy in the WH had a (R) next to his name – this bullshit prize is pure fucking gold! It delegitimizes the lot of leftist weekend-peacenik morons, and that’s awesome.

Leave Obama with that prize I tell you. Nothing serves us better than to be able to remind people how stupid political bias and leftist bullshit combined are. I hope Obama keeps it up and kills a whole lot more people too. And in the mean time these assholes that gave him this prize, just because he was an empty suit they figured they could push around, not only remain quiet, but feign ignorance. At least he saved that Libyan oil for the Europeans. Talk about your real war for oil.

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