Democrat Senate kills 2nd Obama jobs bill: rape and murder to follow according to Veep!

Yep, 2 democrats and Joe Lieberman from my state joined the republican minority in the democrat controlled Senate to kill another stinker of a bill, in a 50-50 vote that fell far short of the 10 votes needed to hit 60. It was too obvious that this stimulus–light bill, as written, amounted to nothing but funneling $35 billion to as Reid put it to shore up the bloated public sector that democrats buy votes from, under the guise of creating/saving jobs. It fooled nobody and it died because of that.

Frankly it is now obvious to me that Team Obama at no point had any interest in passing this bill, or the bigger ½ trillion stimulus part deux one that died a similar death earlier, either- Obama wouldn’t be out there, on a tax payer subsidized campaigning bus tour, but in DC trying to work out a compromise that would be both fiscally responsible and realistically targeted at job creation, if he really cared about this thing passing – but wanted it to go down in flames. That is likely so they can then demagogue and use it as a political cudgel to accuse republicans of not caring about fire fighters, cops, and teachers. Their strength isn’t governing but campaigning, with a healthy dose of LSM obfuscations of truth & facts, and that is what is going on. Don’t be fooled, and when you hear the demagogueing, don’t let it stand. In the mean time the people suffering from 3 botched years of Keynesian economics continue to languish and fall behind, while the connected rock the proveribial house. Crony capitlaism at it’s best, but the problem is Wall Street, not government and those that make a living lobbying it for things paid by others. I see why Biden told us to be ready for more rape and murder…

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