Demagogues R Us

Pushing wheel chair bound Granny off the cliff was only the beginning (OK, the middle, they started with this , that little girl counts better then Biden), now, add to the list the simple fact that those obstructionist Republicans are complicit and co conspirators in the rise in violent crime, namely the increase in rapes.

You can hear the passion in his words. I’ve also seen the video, where he musters all self control all these years in politics has taught him, to deliver something this impassioned and still keep it together, what a pro.

The scenario is quite simple. Violent crime can be stopped in it’s tracks if only we had sufficient police personnel to respond in a timely manner to all 911 calls, after all, all victims have phones at the ready with 911 on speed dial and all can access their phones before any harm befalls them. The only reason any crimes exist at all is because the cops can’t get there in time. So Biden, that keen mathematician that he is, is putting 2 and 2 together, and has come up with a sure fire solution in combating crime, if only the GOP was as visionary as he is.

Of course, some don’t take too kindly to this type smarmy politicking, and what is the usual response? The loaded finger, pointed directly at the accuser:

“Don’t screw around with me”, well spoken Mr. Vice President. How dare this reporter ask someone as dignified as Biden to actually explain his words, “Who are you with?, who let the riff raff in? Hey Steve, we gotta do a better job of tightening security around here”. It is a simple message, pass this bill or crime will rise and that rise in crime is on YOU!!!!

Get used to this, it will be a recurring theme, in the straw man arguments, the emotionalism plied to the ads, and in the causal dismissiveness when called on it. I’d like to say that it is a trademark tactic to one party in particular, but watching Perry spit and sputter in his baseless allegations the other night, we are gong to get it from both sides, OH BOY.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    This is what happens when your run out of ideas, facts and reality – you attack the person pointing out you have no clothes.

    Other fun headlines for the day are TSA making no-warrant searches of vehicles on the public roads in Tennessee, and some Euro-Socialist think group stating the people over 60 need to be taxed out of their homes so younger people can have them. That way there won’t be any generational wealth discrepancies.

    I wonder if the TSA realizes they are in violation of the constitution?

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  2. AlexInCT

    Biden. The gift that keeps on giving. One has to wonder if Team Obama picked him so people would always have someone else that showed he was dumber and less connected to reality than Obama to knock around.

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  3. Dave D

    When did it become the constitutional role of the federal government to prevent crime ine each and every community in our nation?

    Oh, and Biden is a HUGE douchebag……

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  4. Seattle Outcast

    I believe that this is the logical outcome of the “precious snowflake” version of parenting. The end result is a “person” that wants a perfect world, damn the costs.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    I wonder if the TSA realizes they are in violation of the constitution?

    It’s the state of Tennessee that is in violation to the constitution as they gave the TSA permission to conduct these illegal checks.

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  6. Mississippi Yankee

    Not directed at you Alex.

    And Biden was the better choice than Palin because…??

    Joe (insurance policy) Biden. Lost his first presidential bid due to plagiarism.
    Both Pennsylvania and Delaware must be so proud.

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