Let’s discuss our Demcorat controlled Senate and our country’s budget:

Budget: Over the weekend, Senate Democrats passed a dubious milestone — going 900 days without fulfilling their legal obligation to pass a budget. Worse is the fact that this gross dereliction of duty has gone largely unnoticed. You have to go all the way back to April 29, 2009 — just three months after President Obama took the oath of office — to find the last time Senate Democrats managed to discharge their legal obligation to produce a budget plan. That’s right — legal obligation. It says right in the Congressional Budget Act of 1974 that the Senate must produce a budget resolution by April of each year. Instead, all the country has gotten from Senate Democrats are excuses.

Can you imagine if this had happened when Bush was president and republicans controlled the branch pulling this stunt? What about if the republican controlled house decided to do this right now? Anyway, what have the senate majority holding donkeys been up to?

In May, Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., said “it would be foolish for us to do a budget at this stage,” since the so-called Gang of Six was working with Vice President Biden to come up with a debt reduction deal. In early July, Republicans sent a letter to Reid asking where the Democrats’ budget was. Turns out, Senate Budget Committee Chairman Kent Conrad, D-N.D., had a plan ready to be unveiled, but Reid forced him to keep it locked up. Ostensibly that was because of the then-ongoing debt ceiling talks. Democrats did, however, find the time in May to force a vote on the House Republican budget plan, but only in hopes of embarrassing their Senate counterparts.

Politics baby! Reelection and keeping power over what’s best for the country. The plan is to fool the rubes into keeping them in power so they can use the next 4 years after that to really screw us hard. And they will do it all to “help” the unfortunate many… If you believe that I have a bridge crossing the Atlantic ocean to sell you. The LSM was not available for comment.

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