I skipped the debate last night for the sake of my sanity and apparently missed something fun. Perry and Romney got into it something fierce:

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There were other exchanges as well. Santorum hit Romney pretty hard on Romneycare (and also provoked Romney to ask for the rules to be enforced.

Curious what our readership thinks of the above exchange. Who got the best of that?

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  1. Mook

    Perry looked petty and immature, and came off looking like a dunce. I really want to like Perry, but he just doesn’t have it. Good on Santorum for going after Romneycare. It was the first time that anyone held Romney’s feet to the fire over that debacle during the debates. Gingrich piled on, but Romney shot back, apparently accurate, that he got the individual mandate from Gingrich and the Heritage foundation. I didn’t know that. Heritage and Gingrich should be forced to explain that shit in follow-up interviews and debates.

    Cain didn’t give any good explanation or defense of his 9-9-9 plan, he just told people to go to his website.

    I hate to say it, but Romney came out pretty well. I like Cain’s instincts better – why the hell not have an electrified fence at the border, and land mines too if we want.. its OUR border, but unfortunately Cain wasn’t very persuasive last night imo.

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  2. Kimpost

    That exchange was funny. I regret not watching it. Might have to find a re-run on the web somewhere. Perry totally blew it in that exchange. Not only by the nature of the attack in itself, but also on delivery. He just doesn’t come off as very confident.

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  3. Poosh

    I can’t help but be underwhelmed by all of them apart from Bachmann, who doesn’t stand a chance.

    If only you could combine them all into a super-nomination.

    You probably should select Romney for pragmatic purposes, mind you.

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  4. Manwhore

    You need ANY Republican to win this, because if we do not, and the economy recovers…the Republican party is DONE for 20 years. I don’t like Romney, and don’t think he’s really conservative, but I’ve done my research. Many others are just going to walk into the booth and vote on simple messages. Now’s not the time to tell people they suck and there’s nothing for them.

    Now’s the time to say that you sympathize and here’s what we can do. Sure, not the best conservative message, but the alternative is another four years of dems (let alone, allowing them full house and senate privileges).

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