Smart liberal diplomacy!

In another installment of the “What if this had happened when George W. Bush was president?” I bring you our another WTF moment by our enlightened and oh-so-brilliant progressive overlords.

The White House has released the menu for tonight’s state dinner for South Korean President Lee Myung Bak, and the main course comes from Japanese cattle bred in Texas. Texas Wagyu Beef will be served with orange-ginger fondue, sauteed kale, and roasted kabocha squash, according to the White House.

Guess all them slant-eyed folks look the same to our progressive masters – the ones that love to tell us how much smarter they are than those hick ass redneck rubes that tell the world you are with us or against us – do not know the difference between Japan and Korea, or the history between the two. WWII anyone? Maybe they believe because it’s Wagyu from Texas that we can tell the Koreans we are serving you beef we “repatriated” from Japan as punishment for the bad they did back when?

Or maybe they can give the guy an iPod with Obama speeches and a nice big picture of Obama with his peace prize to smooth things over. With all the wars he is fighting these days he sure as hell earned himself that peace prize. WTF is next? They invite Netanyahu and serve him some Sauerkraut und Bier! Surf & Turf for the Dalai Lama? Stimulus bill part deux for the American tax payer? Genius…

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