Italian Jobbed

One thing I appreciated from murderess Casey Anthony is that she had the good sense to get lost. Knowing that she got away with murder, and everyone knew that she got away with murder, she had thanked her good fortune and decided not to rub our nose’s in it by making a public spectacle of herself. I was hoping that Amanda Knox would follow suit. Although I am in the minority (thinking she and her squeeze was complicit in Kercher’s death)she came back to a hero’s welcome. And considering both her and her family are up to their neck in debt, a quiet secluded life was not in the cards. And considering how much litigation is a foot (Kercher family suing Knox for wrongful death, Lumumba taking his suit to the European Court of Human Rights, Knox’s parents charged with criminal slander by Italian court and must appear back in Italy early next year, and the forensics specialist that got her DNA work thrown out is suing everyone for damages to her reputation) Knox can’t avoid the spotlight.

We are also learning about her 4 year prison stint, and how her prison guards not only took inappropriate liberties, but resorted to clearly actionable behavior:

ABC News reported the American exchange student claims she was subjected to numerous incidents in which prison officials took liberties with her in a below-the-belt manner: On one occasion, a male guard broke policy and entered her cell alone and made sexually-based remarks; another incident consisted of a high-ranking authority at the prison calling her in his office for a late night meeting in which he wanted to talk about sex.
Most shockingly, the 24-year-old said she was falsely told she was HIV Positive by prison officials, who forced her to compose a list of all the sexual partners she’d had — a list that was subsequently leaked to Italian media and published.

What a bunch of perv’s.

I was always under the impression that Italy was a civilized country, but what are male guards doing watching and supervising female prisoners? Do doubt the sensationalism of the case (and the fact that she was American) proved too much for the any expectations of normal stay, no, she got the full treatment. And that HIV stunt, what bastards, that hand was played purely for sadistic reasons. We all knew that Knox was a “player”, and the list that she felt compelled to compile was probably single spaced, but the whole process (and linking the list to the press), those guys are no better then some Sharia court.

The article mentions the possibility of legal action in this manner, but a trip back to Italy would be required and many Italians are fuming mad about this whole sordid affair, thinking that “Foxy Knoxy” got special treatment because she was an American.

In the earlier thread Poosh had mentioned that the judge was either being brought up on charges or was convicted of corruption, but the Knox trial and how it was adjudicated does not put the Italian judicial process in a good light. And now this stuff we learn about those masochistic prison guards. I know Italy is little better then Greece wrt their debt problems, but they have been around for a while, what would Lucretius, Seneca, or even Gaius Julius think about what their nation has evolved into?

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  1. CM

    I think the term we are supposed to use is ‘a couple of bad apples’. ‘Don’t judge an entire country by the actions of a few hotheaded guards who simply wanted to build pyramids and bring their pets to work’. Etc.

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  2. richtaylor365 *

    It sounds like an entire tree of bad apples, what with the criticisms leveled at the judge, the prosecutor, the forensic specialists that got her work thrown out, the prison guards, and the general dissatisfaction within the Italian populace who are not happy with the outcome.

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  3. Poosh

    The country – the entire country – is corrupt and not “european” by the standards of the more civilized parts. Sure, the majority of Italy, statistically I assume, is not “corrupt”, but it’s corrupt none-the-less, by our high standards. Italy ain’t in the Middle East. Articles all over the place, showing how bad Italy is. Same for all parts of its Government. Makes you gain some perspective, for many Americans and many more of us, on how lucky we are. You always assume Italy and Spain are just like the UK, US, France, etc. Not so.

    This is not a few bad apples, the country is “wrong” by our standards.

    If I said judge then I meant head prosecutor…probably … I seem to remember it being the head prosecutor who was convicted.

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    And your basing this all on an article on Really??

    I have no doubt of her guilt but but WTF? Really?
    Even WVR didn’t stoop to online gossip sites.

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  5. Hal_10000

    This is part of the reason Italy and Greece are in just bad financial straits. Huge parts of the economy are underground, there is zero respect for government as anything other than a cash cow. Berlusconi is one of the most corrupt and dissolute politicians on Earth and it just trickles down.

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