Better jobs plan!

This guy has a better jobs plan than that idiotic half a trillion dollar pork package that Obama is currently peddling. The same one that will later slam us with $1.5 trillion in new taxes affecting everyone including those millionaires making $200K or more as a family. It’s no surprise that Harry Reid could not even pass as originally written and had to modify the thing to include a “millionaire’s tax” to make it palatable to the class warriors. Of course, now they will fall far, far, short of the expected revenue they hoped to get. The dirty secret is that the collectivist will have to fleece everyone paying taxes to collect enough money to cover their spending. The rich don’t have enough for them to confiscate and keep the show going.

Anyway, it’s not as if that first trillion dollar plan they used to lard their friend’s & donor’s pockets, whom then in return larded their campaign coffers, for nothing as they still got hammered in the 2010 election, did anything but make things worse. Every freaking month they tell us things are getting better! Then the real numbers get released, and unexpectedly things are doing nothing of the sort. This month is no different. Unexpectedly! A few weeks ago they kept telling us things where finally great because the number was below 400K. Now we get the real numbers, and it is all bullshit. So why would anyone think this new costly behemoth of a plan was going to be better? Get rid of stupid laws and put people back to work! Pass the dorf!

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