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  1. richtaylor365

    About 4 days ago I noticed an email from my wife in my inbox, it was about Steve Jobs and had his Stanford Commencement speech of 2005, below she typed the words ,”watch this, it will make your day”. It takes me a few days to clear my inbox so I watched it yesterday, and today he dies.

    Spend 15 minutes and watch this. We never know what fate has in store for us, but it is how we live that counts. Steve took a big bite out of life everyday, we should all be so lucky.

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  2. Manwhore

    No one person has been more influential in my life as an artist than Steve jobs. God rest his soul, and god bless one of america’s innovators, inventors, and geniuses. I wish his father well, and hope they made some form of reconciliation before he passed. Nothing makes me more upset than an opportunity lost to bury the hatchet, and Steve and his father hopefully got the opportunity to do that before he passed.

    It goes to show you that life is more important than what you do. A billionaire who dies young from cancer, only life can deal an unfortunate blow like that. I hope he rests in peace. As my grandmother says, you get to a certain age and some of the prettiest birds start falling off the perch for no reason. We should all thank our makers for being healthy.

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  3. West Virginia Rebel

    Steve Jobs was one of the last of the old-school inventors in the mold of Thomas Edison and Henry Ford. He had his personality issues, but what true genius doesn’t?

    He was only ten years older than me. That feels…strange.

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  4. Hal_10000 *

    I’m actually impressed by the outpouring from people for a man who was not a drug-addicted pop star or a pointless celebrity or a political swine, but an innovator and a businessman.

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  5. AlexInCT

    I doubt they worship God at all, despite their claims to do so, Kimpost. If I where to guess they either worship their 15 minutes of fame the most, or they actually worship the opposite of a good God if they are doing it out of some religious conviction. It’s probably both, but this makes them just another bunch of assholes that can do so because of the first amendment. Freedom of relicion/speech does not protect us from stupid.

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  6. InaneGoldfish

    maybe i’m being a jerk, and I apologize for that, but I am not seeing this rush to praise a total megalomaniac, who hated people and ran his company like a tyrant the likes of which history has not yet seen… but yeah i guess he helped create a device to listen to music . Seriously, why should we praise him as a visionary?

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  7. Hal_10000 *

    Almost everything about he information age bears his imprint. Look at what notepad computers were like before and after the ipad; what smart phones were like before and after the iphone. Almost everything in personal computing is built on stuff apple did first. It was only obvious in hindsight.

    That and that he learned from failure and came back from sebacks. See my post tomorrow on this.

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  8. Mississippi Yankee

    Well shouldn’t we be praising his engineers for the ipad and iphone? When do you suppose was the last time Mr. Jobs saw the inside of a lab?

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  9. balthazar

    innovator? Wtf he was a theif and egocentric maniac of the first order.
    as I said when Ted Kennedy died.

    My mother told me to never speak il of the dead, Steve jobs is dead… Good.

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  10. Orpheus

    Nope, we should be praising the whole team. It needed engineering, design, resourcing, marketing and leadership. Jobs contributed measurably to most of those, and without his qualities it wouldn’t have worked. He was one of the most hands on CEOs in the industry.

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  11. Orpheus

    I’d like to see you support that statement that he was a thief. It sounds like something you’d pick up along with lice at one of those Wall Street protests.

    Comparing him with Ted Kennedy is almost grounds for a punch on the jaw. I never had much time for Jobs, and I refuse to get an iAnything that doesn’t support user freedom (something that is entirely Jobs’ fault), but Ted Kennedy? If nothing else, Jobs pumped billions of dollars into the American economy. Kennedy could claim something similar, but in a less flattering direction.

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  12. balthazar

    YEah because I would be hanging out with them, you have no idea what your talking about.

    Original GUI – Stolen from Zerox,
    Original Itouch directly ripped off from PALM and BB. Palm and BB were the originals in the hand held device category.

    His company did IMPROVE on a lot of ideas that were originally done by other people. He did not come up with the ideas though.

    Hell they even tried to steal the IPHONE and IOS names from Cisco, until cisco sued the shit out of them and made them pay for use of the names.

    How was I comparing T Kennedy and him? Maybe because they are both dead? Thats the only comparison I seem to have made.

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