Raising Cain

I have to admit, I really was lusting for the fat man. I understand Chris Christie’s reasons for not running, it makes sense to have “Fixed one of the most broken states in the union” on your resume so in that regard, good luck with that. But now I feel like I’m running out of time and will have to settle with taking my sister to the prom, yuck.

What is a conservative to do? I was not this apathetic the last time around. McCain was not my first (or second) choice, but I figured he paid his dues, sacrificed more for this country then most, and deserved his shot. I got no such sentiments this time around and have to wonder, which of these turds will polish up the nicest with the least amount of work. Since we have to support someone and frankly, it’s more fun to back a candidate then meekly say ,”I’ll back who ever the GOP puts up”, I’m looking more closely at this bag of ho humers.

Which leads me to something I read on the American Spectator site today, listing nine reasons Herman Cain should get the nod:

Let us assume that the field bidding to be the Republican standard bearer in 2012 will not expand. Let us assume also that neither New Jersey Governor Chris Christie nor Sarah Palin will throw their hat into the ring. Let us further assume that neither Mike Huckabee nor Paul Ryan is having second thoughts. In which case, Mitt Romney is still the frontrunner. Yet conservatives appear no more prepared to embrace him now than they were in 2008. Rick Perry hasn’t proved a viable alternative and Michele Bachmann’s fifteen minutes is up. Over the past week or so, with straw poll triumphs in Florida and Illinois, Herman Cain has begun to strike the right chord with Republican voters and has seen his poll numbers rise.

Go over the nine reasons yourself.

Concerning number 7, although true to a degree, Herman took a hit in my mind by rehashing and fomenting some angst within the ranks re: Perry and the racist rock. This is such a no issue that I fully expected Cain to shuck the whole thing off as another left wing attempt to throw the racist blanket over an opponent. But Cain bit, and bit hard, troubling.

But back to the list. All these are feathers in his cap. He is a babe in the woods wrt how government works, but lately I find that as not such a big deal. He will have advisers to dot the i’s and cross the t’s, character and integrity is what I’m looking for, I think he has that.

Cain is one of those guys that you can’t help but like. He optimizes the American Dream, and has the bonafides to point a finger at people and say proudly ,”I did it, you can too”.

A few months ago Cain went on The Factor, and looked terrible doing it. O’Reilly, who I believe genuinely likes Cain, threw him some slow pitches, and Cain whiffed them all. At that point I dismissed him as not being ready for prime time, I’m re thinking that.

Oh, and I really like his 9-9-9 plan, it will never happen, but what a good idea.

Cain strikes me as a smart guy and a fast study, he will need both to sway folks into thinking he is up to the job. I hope he is studying his ass off and boning up on the particulars. He does not need to show me much for me to back him, but some competency in foreign affairs, entitlement spending, education, economics, and getting America productive again, is necessary, he needs to show me that he can debate Obama effectively and can inspire. Come on Herman, spring for dinner and a movie and I just might give it up.

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  1. Hal_10000

    I think Cain might make a good VP. Jesus, can you imagine a debate between him and Biden? As VP, he wouldn’t be bothered with the overwhelming politics of the office. He’d be able to play a Rockefeller type role — work behind the scenes, talk o businesses, drum up support for legislation.

    I agree with you on #7 but for a different reason. Black Republicans have never dispersed the race card. Clarence Thomas was portrayed as a lawn jockey on the cover of a national magazine. Condi Rice was vilified. Colin Powell was ignored. It will stay ugly

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  2. ID_Fox

    Cain right now strikes me as the most qualified person to lead the nation out of the economic crisis it’s in. That’s what he did in the private sector and was good at it.

    Romney is the only candidate that actually scares me. He seems to be going full bore McCain route and is popular with people who think we need a moderate to win. It really frustrates me that we are close to doing 2008 all over again and I’m waiting for Romney to start paying compliments to what a swell guy Obama is.

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  3. Mississippi Yankee

    As much as I like Cain and his success story it seems he’s not a very good public speaker. Nor does he seem to ‘think on his feet’ very well.

    Sand-bagging politicians is Christine Amanpour’s MO. Does he have no spidy sense?

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  4. Mississippi Yankee

    The GOP will promote Romney and marginalize Perry or Cain just like the DNC promoted Obama and marginalized Hillary.

    The establishment will not willingly relinquish power.

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  5. CM

    Hidden due to low comment rating. Click here to see.

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  6. Poosh

    How exactly is it not ‘snuffing’ your own seed. That’s EXACTLY what abortion is, accurately.

    I’m not even convinced that’s real but if it is, what is wrong with it? Do tell!

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  7. balthazar

    Hi, this tread is about AGW now. Please list your reasons why everyone who doesnt think the way you do about AGW is a moron. That way we can rehash every goddamn thread that was derailed by your love of Al Gore and carbon credits!!!

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  8. AlexInCT

    Nobody is more anti-science that the cult of AGW, CM. That’s all I have to point out on this, and all I feel like saying. Your faith is strong.

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  9. Monolith

    unfortunate Conservative culture of anti-science nonsense

    Isn’t this author the clown that blasts everyone for baseless hyperbole? Yeah, thought so.

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  10. Poosh

    He’s the kind of person who reads the Climategate scandal emails and exchanges, and says “yep! everything’s cool! Nothing to see here!”

    Then has the f*cking nerve to claim he believes in ‘science’ by invoking the phrase “anti-science” as if he gives a f*ck about the sanctity of the scientific method.

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  11. richtaylor365 *

    To be fair to CM, I do not believe he was attempting to derail the post into another AGW roe, AGW is near and dear to his heart and he was giving an opinion on Cain based on his (Cain’s) views on the subject, that is cool with me.

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  12. CM

    Thanks Rich. Good to see at least someone here is still reasonable and able to stay rational. Well along with Hal that is.

    How exactly is it not ‘snuffing’ your own seed. That’s EXACTLY what abortion is, accurately.

    I’m not even convinced that’s real but if it is, what is wrong with it? Do tell!

    Apparently if you cheat on your wife and get the woman pregnant, but you don’t force her to have an abortion (which in itself opens up a whole lot more questions) then the Republican Party is for you! Interesting sales pitch.

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  13. AlexInCT

    I guess the demcorat party is for cheating then killing the baby and then saying that since they have no morals, they are A-OK! Given the choice between that sort of scum and the republicans you are bad mouthing, I will, since there is no choice to pick neither, pick the one that’s least hypocritical – and believe me, the people that project by claiming those that set a high standard and fail to live by it are the hypocrites, while they are better than them, because they have no standards and thus can do whatever they please, are hypocrites of the worst kind – and at least has some morality left. Envy of what others have and greed, have never been my thing.

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  14. CM

    Not at all what Cain was saying. But then I think you know that.

    I’m sure they didn’t MEAN it, but that’s what the advert says.

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