Gunrunner update: another prediction comes true

Which one is that? Well, the one where I pointed out that such a complicated multi-agency operation could simply not happen without the top people at the DOJ driving it, and the DOJ would not drive it without the WH telling them to, and now we find out that Holder at a minimum was informed of this in briefings as this link shows:

WASHINGTON – New documents obtained by CBS News show Attorney General Eric Holder was sent briefings on the controversial Fast and Furious operation as far back as July 2010. That directly contradicts his statement to Congress. On May 3, 2011, Holder told a Judiciary Committee hearing, “I’m not sure of the exact date, but I probably heard about Fast and Furious for the first time over the last few weeks.” Yet internal Justice Department documents show that at least ten months before that hearing, Holder began receiving frequent memos discussing Fast and Furious.

Let’s establish a few things. First off, you don’t get briefed unless you have oversight over a project or ask to be briefed because you are the initiator of a project. Holder was clearly briefed, and more than once too, on these operations according to the CBS findings, and the LA Times backs that up. It’s now obvious that the DOJ was running the show here, coordinating between all these agencies to make sure nobody stepped on the toes of other agencies and blew the cover of what they where doing up, and unless Holder is a rogue, I expect to find out he took his marching orders from someone even higher on the food chain.

Also as they point out in the article, we now know for sure Holder, unless he now will also claims he is suffering from memory loss – and how selective a memory loss this would be – was not telling the truth when he told the Judiciary Committee that he the first time he heard about operation Fast & Furious or any of these unbelievable gun running schemes was a few weeks before he was called to testify. Playing word games, these are democrat lawyers we are talking about after all here, by claiming the briefing used a different name for this operation, won’t fly IMO, but I bet that’s the next thing to drop. The history of the DOJ trying to obfuscate their involvement is evident, and fools no one anymore. From the article we get confirmation of that:

Ever since, the Justice Department has publicly tried to distance itself. But the new documents leave no doubt that high level Justice officials knew guns were being “walked.”

Two Justice Department officials mulled it over in an email exchange Oct. 18, 2010. “It’s a tricky case given the number of guns that have walked but is a significant set of prosecutions,” says Jason Weinstein, Deputy Assistant Attorney General of the Criminal Division. Deputy Chief of the National Gang Unit James Trusty replies “I’m not sure how much grief we get for ‘guns walking.’ It may be more like, “Finally they’re going after people who sent guns down there.”

Maybe they might want to prosecute the people at the ATF that encouraged and helped buy these weapons, by paying cash for them, after telling the concerned dealers they where using to ignore the fact the guns would be lost when they crossed the border, for this? Or the FBI for covering up the evidence at the Terry crime scene? I have a feeling they will turn on the very dealers that told them this was a real bad idea only to be told to leave the worry up to the ATF, and then just so they can have show trials that distract from their involvement. Don’t think so. So what’s next?

The Justice Department told CBS News that the officials in those emails were talking about a different case started before Eric Holder became Attorney General. And tonight they tell CBS News, Holder misunderstood that question from the committee – he did know about Fast and Furious – just not the details.

Ah! Blame Bush! Then play word games to try and wiggle out of what was clearly an attempt to lie to those investigating this. Issa is no fool. I hope that he lets this boondoggle drag on until next year, then right around April demand a special prosecutor and have this thing play out right during the elections. Exposing the role of the most ethical and transparent administration in an operation ran against a neighboring state to turn American public opinion against the second amendment, so big government collectivists could circumvent the defeats in the SCOTUS to their gun grabbing agenda, aught to play out well.

Sooner than later, Holder will go under the bus, but we will get more evidence the WH was behind this and I have no doubt that the trail will indubitably lead to Community Organizer in Chief. Now watch the same people that told me there was no way the DOJ and Holder had anything to do with this, let alone the WH, come on and tell me that even if it has borne out that Holder and the DOJ where involved, the WH is still clear. Proof or bust! Don’t worry. It’s coming, and then you will shift the goal posts yet again.

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