America’s Dunkirk

At times I can be as cynical as the next guy. We have all witnessed examples of cowardice, laziness, selfishness, and evil intent wrt our fellow man. Maybe this is why when nobleness of character, integrity and heroism manifest itself in front of us, it’s contrast so easily commands our attention. But in times of need, when circumstances dictate an honorable response, I think most folks will do what’s right, so in this instance, there is the potential for heroism in all of us.

Despite the fact the it is narrated by that Hollywood lefty Tom Hanks, check out this little bit of Americana that I was not aware of of, I promise you, it will make your day and redden your eyes:

Hundreds of boats, going towards the danger, as sure as those cops and firemen entering the burning buildings, but what makes these guys extra special is that they were ordinary people not charged with any particular authority except that which their conscience dictated. The human spirit, at times, is a marvelous thing.

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