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As many of us predicted then, and have been saying all along, Obamacare was without a doubt going to drive up the cost of healthcare for those of us with it already – employer provided or otherwise – and do so drastically, and the article by Allen Rappeport in FT titled “Health insurance costs deal blow to Obama” shows we where spot on:

The cost of health insurance has surged in the US this year, according to a survey of employers, dealing a blow to claims by the Obama administration that healthcare legislation introduced last year would curb costs.

Insurance premiums for family health benefits in 2011 jumped 9 per cent from a year ago to $15,073, according to a study released on Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. That represented a sharp acceleration from 2010, when premiums rose by a modest 3 per cent, and easily outpaced a 2 per cent rise in wages.

“This year’s 9 per cent increase in premiums is especially painful for workers and employers struggling through a weak recovery,” said Drew Altman, Kaiser’s chief executive.

I am envious of the people that only saw a 9% increase mine was higher. And it comes on top of a similar hike from last year. I expect it to be the same next year again. When Obamacare goes live, I expect my employer to simply drop coverage and tell me to go get it on my own. The penalty they pay will be far, far less, than the cost to keep me covered, and I am one of those people that really don’t use healthcare that much – that means they collect more for me than they pay out – to begin with.

Let’s look at another revelation:

Health insurance premiums have more than doubled during the past decade and, although the survey reveals some of the early impact of the law, it does not provide reasons for the increase.

Kaiser said that it was beginning to see changes in preventative care benefits and many companies were enrolling young adults into corporate health plans plans because of the law. However, it said that most workers that were already enrolled in company plans are exempt from the law’s provisions.

Matthew Borsch, healthcare analyst at Goldman Sachs, said the increase could be due to the high rate of increase in family coverage, due to a new provision allowing people up to the age of 26 to join their parents’ plan, creating additional costs. He also noted that some measures in the law that were intended to contain costs were watered down.

Sorry, I don’t buy the “We don’t know why” argument. I think most insurance companies know exactly why, but it is politically disastrous to say anything. They might get a “friendly” call from the WH – like Ford did for that ad about how their cars are government bailout free – or yet again have to suffer the indignities they where put through when the left was demonizing them to the public, at the same time it was conspiring with them behind closed doors, so they could gin up public resentment and anger for insurance provided by those evil private sector companies. Those of us that know better saw through the smoke & mirrors and understood that we would not only pay more, but get the same service other government agencies do now: we would be serviced by a government bureaucracy that controlled healthcare decisions like a bull “services” a cow, and pay far, far more, for far, far, less.

Yes, the fact that they now allow people up to and including the age of 26 to stay on their parent’s policy costs a lot more. I worked on software that calculated rates for that a long time ago – in CT you have had the option of buying this new mandate already – a long time ago, and I remember that the premium hike for this option was considerable. Imagine doing it for everyone everywhere.

There is no doubt that our population is aging rapidly. The procedures and medical care processes with highest medical costs are associated with the problems and issues encountered at an older age. Couple that with a mandate to insure everyone, everywhere, including the illegals, despite the bull about that not being the case, and then with no increase in either the available pool of medical professionals or care facilities, and you see that there is simply a problem that’s not going to go away simply because some idiots that love European style government controlled and rationed healthcare want it to do so.

The collectivists, of course, doubled down.

The Obama administration offered a rebuttal of the study, arguing that premiums were set last year when insurers anticipated higher medical costs and that premium prices would decline as more provisions in the law were rolled out. Nancy-Ann DeParle, who is President Barack Obama’s deputy chief of staff, said that other measures showed healthcare costs declining and called out insurers for raking in profits.

Shit, more of the “you have to pass it to see what’s in it” nonsense writ large. Here is another prediction. There will be no costs going down. What we have in the bill is government trying real hard to force medical professionals to live by a payment schedule devised by some bureaucrat in some big city that give the illusion of lower cost coupled with massive rationing practices that restrict access and require long waiting periods. Of course, they will bristle and get all bent out of shape when you point out that’s exactly what will happen – we can look right across the pond or up north for exactly these examples – when these new provisions they claim will cut cost come into play.

It also should be pointed out that by the time these provisions go into effect, there will be very little we can do to roll them back. It’s no wonder that many of us feel like we are getting raped, and our rapist is telling us that it will all get better as he is ripping the clothes off of us and smacking us around, hard.

“The Kaiser report is informative but it’s a look backwards,” Ms DeParle said. “When we look to the future, we know that the Affordable Care Act will help make insurance more affordable for families and businesses across the country.”

That translates to don’t pay attention to those private sector entities that live in the real world and have to face the economic consequences of the decisions we make in DC, and only focus on the promises we are making that things will get better, reality be damned. And anyone that says otherwise is doing so because they are a racist! Inthe mean time, expect more of the same next year and the year after. Hoepfully we will roll this thing back at some point and avoid what’s coming at some point, but if we don’t get used to paying more, for a lot less, and then after a long ass wait. And pray you don’t die before you finally get care.

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  1. Tripper

    For the record, the cost of my health insurance almost doubled almost a year before Obamacare was signed. It was low to begin with and it still is low compared to most, but that’s still a doubling (almost)
    I’ll find out soon what it will cost next year but I’ll bet it has gone up by less, not that that is anything to do with Obama and his laws, prices are going up on healthcare anyway.

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