Now He’s Done It

Hell hath no furry like a death row inmate not getting any love. With all the fuss, grandstanding, and demagoguing of Troy Davis (Mumia and Leonard send their love) and the evils of capital punishment, Lawrence Brewer is (was) feeling like the red headed step child. Disenfranchised minority youth double tapping a off duty cop moonlighting to feed his family is much more sympathetic then a white supremacist, obviously, which does lend some credence to prevailing lefty wisdom that it’s not the idea of the death penalty per se that is so odious, more then the litmus test present of who determines which poster boy is used for the next fight.

Brewer was so peeved because he was not getting any love from A.I., and all the other squeaky wheels (as an aside, I went to the PFADP website. funny, but not a word anywhere about Brewer and his execution, I guess judiciously applied, the death penalty ain’t so bad after all) that he went and upset the apple cart:

“Enough is enough,” state Senator John Whitmire wrote in a letter on Thursday to prison officials, prompting the move. “It is extremely inappropriate to give a person sentenced to death such a privilege. It’s a privilege which the perpetrator did not provide to their victim.”

The letter was in apparent response to the dinner requested, but not eaten, by white supremacist Lawrence Brewer before he was put to death on Wednesday night for the 1998 dragging death of James Byrd Jr.

Brewer requested an elaborate meal that included a triple-meat bacon cheeseburger, a meat-lover’s pizza, a big bowl of okra with ketchup, a pound of barbecue, a half a loaf of bread, peanut butter fudge, a pint of ice cream and two chicken-fried steaks.

When it arrived around 4 p.m. at Brewer’s cell, he declined it all, telling prison officials he wasn’t hungry.

I like this guy’s style, sticking it to “The Man” one last time.

It does beg the question, “Is anything edible fair game and accessible to a death row inmate?”. That was quite meal he ordered and I am surprised that they complied. If it was me, I think I would go with Sushi/Sashimi eaten off the top of a naked bang bang girl.

But now, all death row guys get standard prison fare before swinging, too bad. Maybe the more humane way to do it would be to not feed them at all. Hunger pangs and a growly stomach would take their mind off of the inevitable fate awaiting them, I’ll have to write my congressman with that suggestion.

Our new era of austerity knows no bounds, so now the time honored ritual of honoring a last meal request is history, the wheels of progress cannot be stopped.

James Edward Smith, who was executed in Texas in 1990, requested “a lump of dirt.”

How about the old standby cake with a file baked in to the middle?

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  1. InsipiD

    Hell hath no furry like a death row inmate not getting any love.

    Conjugal visits of furries are too risky. It’s easy to hide escape tools in the costume.

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