Budget Flop

Democrats and liberals are crowing because John Boeher’s budget proposal failed to pass the House when 40 Republicans backed out, wanting bigger spending cuts. Supposedly, this demonstrates how radical the GOP is and how Boeher has lost control.

Maybe. But consider this:

GOP lawmakers and aides – including Appropriations Chair Hal Rogers (R-Ky.) – blamed Democrats for defeating the bill. Democrats, including Appropriations Ranking Democrat Norm Dicks, said they’d support the bill, but reversed course because of pressure from Democrats opposed to an offset that cut a subsidy for automobile manufacturers.

So Boehner had a bipartisan agreement. The Democrats backed out. And this is somehow the Tea Party’s fault. I’ll leave it to the class to decide which possibility is worse: that the Democrats backed out to weaken Boehner politically; or that they’re truthful in claiming they backed out because the Republicans wouldn’t restore a corporate welfare provision.

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