More Union Nutjobbery

Normally, the convoluted ramblings of a lunatic would not garner much interest, crazy people are as ubiquitous as discarded Twinkie wrappers in Michelle’s purse, but when one tries to foment insurrection (maybe too harsh a word, you be the judge) with a group of corpulent sour puss union attendee’s, still smarting from the black eyes they got recently in NJ and Wisc. and in no mood for conciliation, then attention must be paid. Witness some SEIU cheer leading:

This little missive is relevant on several factors. We have your typical class warfare, your typical union thuggery, your call for criminality, the blurring of morality in lawless actions, and the willingness to bring down the house to get what is “owed” to them.

I continually fail to understand how demonizing successful people is a winning strategy. Lincoln was clear when he said ,“You cannot help the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer” ,“You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich”. I get that if you tell a lie often enough that people will begin to believe it and the class warfare arrow is about the only thing left in Obama’s quiver, using catchy phrases like “The Buffett Tax, and “The Millionaires Tax”, but clearly, most clear thinking people do not look at rich people as only populated by the Snidely Whiplash types of the Henry Potter types. And really, all this class warfare nonsense is misdirected since none of these people work for corporations or are in the private sector, they must take their cases and their whinny complaints to the voters who elects the legislators that collective bargain with them. But this is lost on the speaker, class warfare is a useful tool in creating the sense of entitlement, that fairness dictates a certain level of comfort for those unfat cat types. Not only should life be fair (fairer) but a removed slice from a cut loaf is never missed, they (the rich) can afford to give up another slice.

The speaker told us that the {first} time he was arrested, he was terrified, first time? I always thought that if you get arrested , for anything, it should be such a distasteful experience that wanting to duplicate the practice would be ill advised. As much as I lambast the court system for it’s practice of gouging the common folk wrt outlandish traffic fines, those that get arrested in rioting situations, those caught vandalizing, disturbing the peace or any other criminal conduct while preserving their unanimity within the crowd, they should be made an example of. Peacefully demonstrating is one thing, nobody messes with our right to assemble, you can make a statement and get your message out without jeopardizing the safety of others and preserving private property.

It is not surprising that union leaders are panicking, they are seeing right before their eyes their power and influence eroding. Union membership is down, their political enablers in the form of the NLRB are being exposed as anti business and anti worker, they are being made to provide a greater portion of their own money towards their own benefits, and their bought politician in the WH has his own troubles and can’t produce like he used to. A sense of urgency is clear.

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