Left still wants to blame everything but what they believe in & do for Obama’s failure

Not surprised that the NYT again has another one of the entitled aristocratic leftists class lecturing us on why Obama has been such a failure. We are in damage control mode as the leftists now try real hard to pretend the entire world’s economy isn’t being dragged down by decades of their insanity and especially the last 3 years of Obama and the democrats doing stupid on steroids. Things are falling apart. Even the fanatics are now feeling that “Hope & Change” has resulted in only bad things. And they of course blame it primarily on Bush and intractable republicans, with unrealistic expectations by the kool-aid drinkers and the fact that the community organizer in chief can’t do much other than deliver teleprompter speeches.

The decline in Obama’s political fortunes, the Great Disappointment, can be attributed to four main factors: the intractable legacy bequeathed by George W. Bush; Republican resistance amounting to sabotage; the unrealistic expectations and inevitable disenchantment of some of the president’s supporters; and, to be sure, the man himself.

Heh, sure. Whatever. At least this idiot didn’t try to blame the Tea Party. Anyway, Blame Boosh! Lame! Is there a statue of limitations for this nonsense? Seriously, when can we say that we will no longer tolerate these morons pretending that their beliefs & actions are not the reason things went south? And what about what they then did once they got power? We where told that it was the dawn of the new progressive era and the donkeys that had power over all three branches ignored the economic problems that their brilliant policies led us to so they could push more of that idiotic destructive ideological nonsense that the nanny staters so love.

Is there really anyone but the devout progressive that still advocates that we are here today, not because or government’s spending is out of control and idiotic leftist policies on homeownership and lending that defy economic reality caused a world wide collapse? Or because evil Boosh didn’t tax people enough and started illegal wars to steal resources from brown people? WTF? Bo-fucking-ring!

Obama inherited what 5 decades of progressive nonsense finally culminated in: when you give money to irresponsible people prone to bad decisions, even if it is to buy a home, don’t be surprised when they make more irresponsible and bad decisions that leave them without the home. Blaming the economic collapse in 2008 on Boosh not taxing people enough – after all only the extreme fright-wingers can really believe the money doesn’t belong to the government and the people, in the first place! – or the fact that we aggressively went after an enemy that is hell bent on destroying us instead of baring our throats and playing the victim like they do, only registers with the stupid these days. Give it up already.

Next excuse, please. And that’s republicans are sabotaging the dear leaders plans. Unlike those democrats that understand the value of compromise, they simply consider that apostasy! Yeah, compromise, like bipartisanship to the progressives means you do what we want when we win, and what we want when you steal the election. And isn’t it funny how when democrats did far worse – these where the people that where not just rooting for a Vietnam style defeat for our troops, but actually did things to help make it so, after all – back when, that was called patriotism?

Personally I hope we get a lot more of this “sabotaging”, and sooner than later. That’s because without it, it is obvious at least to me, that our debt would not have grown by just $5.3 trillion in 4 odd years, with trillions more ready to be flushed down the toilet financing the growth of the nanny state, but that these numbers would have been far worse. Obama is hell bent on flushing another half a trillion down the toilet while ripping the productive sector off even more. The class warriors would have done far more damage than they have done so far, making the 1930s look tame. I say sabotage away, and sabotage a lot more. The collectivists proved the destructiveness of their policies, and we need to prevent them from doing any more damage.

Excuse number three gets a little bit closer to the truth. The issue is that while the author gets the problem right, he does so for the wrong reasons. These expectations are unrealistic because they defy the way the real world works. The nanny state requires an infinite and bottomless well from which the political class can keep siphoning money to keep buying votes from the ever more entitled masses, and as we all know, we are running out of other people’s money. And yes, the left is very prone to magical thinking, and that’s another of their big problems.

Funny too how we keep getting told by idiots that the problem wasn’t that we blew too much money on stupid things, but that we didn’t blow enough money on the stupid things that where done. As if doubling down the money they wasted would suddenly and miraculously have produced positive results. Just like the problem isn’t the spending, but the fact that the stupid peasants don’t understand the money belongs to the government in the first place. Of course, admitting that the economic model the left adheres to is broke, will never happen. It’s heresy. They can’t.

And then, finally, we get to what is likely the biggest of the problems afflicted upon this great nation: the unvetted and inexperienced used car salesman in the WH and his “Hope & Change” bullshit that coupled with democrats controlling the other 2 branches brought us to where we are today. Things like this aught to leave you with no doubt that’s the case.

Obama’s worse enemy is his ideology. Period. The NYT elites might not want to grasp that, but the American people do. I hope we get a lot more of the nonsense like this article where they blame everyone but the real culprits. See you in 2012 fools.

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    democrats controlling the other 2 branches

    Um, do you not mean the two houses of Congress? Unless there are now four branches of congress…

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