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As a general rule I am a supporter of PSA’s, generally. Given that the government is going to spend my tax dollars on quasi useless shit (that, or fund unvetted solar panel start ups) I figure keeping humans from harming themselves tips north on the “stupid” meter. You would think that it would not be necessary to warn people to not put plastic bags over their head, drink Windex, or eat at McDonalds 3 times a day, but trial lawyers have families to feed too.

In a spirit of a “teaching moment”, I present a PSA on driving. Bad driving is one of my pet peeves, so I was especially excited to witness a spreading of wisdom:

Silly me, I should have known something was afoot since she was going 65 mph in a residential zone (25 mph limit). And that major right quarter panel damage clearly points to her being a crappy driver anyway, no wonder she is going Carmageddon on everyone she sees.

I really don’t mind the Calvin and Hobbes rip off wrt Hitler’s time machine, it gives me another chance to revisit the most awesomist cartoon strip in history:

Make sure you catch the “paid for” at the end. Now that is an organization I would gladly give money to.

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  1. InaneGoldfish

    I have to admit… I watched this at first thinking: “ok whatever another slow down or you’ll kill the children and their parents pitch.. boohoo. drip-drip-drip goes the bleeding heart.” Imagine my surprise when I saw the ending! It’s early I know, but this video made my day. Thank you.

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