9-11 Babies

It seems like it was only yesterday. Being a West Coaster, we got the news around 6:30am. There is an AM/PM next door to where I work and my morning routine was to walk over and get a cappuccino grande to jump start my heart. While foaming up a stranger walks over to me and asked if I heard what happened, he then tells me that a plane hit one of the WTC towers. I wasn’t quite awake yet so I went to the break room and turned on the TV. This was bad. About 10 of us were watching live coverage when the second plane hit. I called my wife, who was also watching at home, and for the rest of the day got little of substance done except ruminate over the day’s events.

9-11 affected me as an American. For those that lived in NYC, it was personal. But even more so, a group of kids got together to share what they had in common, get the Kleenex:

Knowing the day was going to be a waste work wise, I went home early and and took solace and comfort with the familiar, my family. Even ESPN was covering the story. They put a microphone in front of Derek Jeter and asked how he felt. The rage and anger he expressed, yep, that was me all over.

Others were angry as well, but instead instead of bloviating about it, they stepped up. We all remember Pat Tillman and his brother enlisting. But what is not commonly know was that Pat walked away from a $3.5 million contract with the Cardinals, ditto with his brother who was being heavily courted by the Cleveland Indians.

This morning while watching Foxnews, Cavuto did two stories about a NYPD officer and a NYC fireman, both on their days off on 9-11, both living outside the city but both went in to work anyway knowing that their profession required a certain duty to proceed into harm’s way, not retreat from it. Each had different story but what bound them together was that that duty to go in to work costs them both their lives. It is sad that the only time that cops get attention is when they screw up or do something bad, them being human and fallible like everyone else, some will fail and betray the trust placed on them by the community, but images of the hundreds of dedicated cops and fire fighters that, while everyone else was running for their lives, these guys were running towards the danger and towards almost certain death, these images should never be forgotten.

It is always a tragedy when a child loses a parent. These kids probably have it better then the older ones since they did not know their father but I was struck by the inanimate objects that they cling to as a remembrance. And the little girl that said she loved her dad even though she did not know him, a Bruce Lee kick right to the solar plexus. The Bible says that God has a special love for little children, all these kids deserve it.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    My Mom called me and told me to turn on the TV. What seems strange to me is knowing that there are people old enough to be police officers, fire fighters, emergency workers, or join the military who were at around that age in 2001. Sometimes it doesn’t seem so long ago-and yet, a decade has now passed.

    For every bad cop (or cops) we hear about in the news, there are hundreds, thousands, of others who do their jobs and uphold the trust that their communities have placed in them.

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    I was working that day in the millroom of the foundry when a friend stopped me an told me a plane had crashed in to the world trade center. Knowing him to be a bit of practical joker, and his knowledge of me being a world affairs/military geek, i thought he was jerking me around. Well he got me worried , and i decided to go up to the training room, where there was a TV. As i walked up there a few others joined me, we could hear over the several radios that something was up.
    Other were standing around the TV, and liek me had no real clue what we were about to see, just as a few friend joined me int here and i brought them up to speed, with what i has just saw and heard, the 2nd jetliner flew into the tower…… we were totally mind numbed, just didn’t know what to say.
    IT pretty much ended the work day for us, with many of us, bringing down radios to listen o and periodically go up to the TV room, our Supervisor, at noon, told us to got home.
    My live in girlfriend at the time was still sleeping, from working a 12 hour night shift at the nursing home, i woke her up and told her what had happened, and turned our TV and watched.. very quickly she was crying……..
    so much loss , so much death………
    never forget.

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