GOP Debate Tonight

Yeah, I know, it is still way early, the field could be expanded, and the contenders are usually so damned nice to each other that toe to toes are too rare. But who knows, maybe we will get another sexist condescending question about Bachmann submitting to her husband, Santorum advocating even more military might around the world fighting the world’s ills, or Paul throwing out even more government agencies he would close down (they all need to sweat a little). But most of all I want to see how Perry comports himself and if there is anymore people he threatens with a Texas style dealing. Almost popcorn time:

It’s being billed as the first major Republican debate, with two front runners with very different styles going head-to-head — and a third contender struggling to keep her footing. So when you’re getting out the popcorn and heading for the couch to watch the Big Event, here are five things to be on the lookout for:

I want to see some fireworks. I want to see each of the 3 leaders to get put on their heels by something unexpected, then convince everyone one up there (and me) why they are worthy of support. If this is all we got (and I hope not) then I need a nice rass matazz, some Ali style “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee”, some choreography that will impress me. Some sense of urgency would be nice, but most of all, sell me that used car.

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  1. West Virginia Rebel

    One thing I’ve noticed is that the former governors seem to look more presidential in these things (Romney, even Huntsman.) The others seem to be running on talking points or trading jabs with each other. It’s kind of intersting that Perry is at this point the only serving governor in the race and I do believe that the next President, either next year or in 2016, will be a sitting governor.

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  2. West Virginia Rebel

    I liked what Hunstman said about pledges (it was about time somebody did) and his response on immigration. Climate change aside, he seemed to be one of the most mature.

    Perry seemed a little uncomfortable at times compared to Romney. No one really seemed to hit one out of the park tonight at least IMO.

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  3. CM

    Climate change aside, he seemed to be one of the most mature.

    I assume that means he put foward the idea that not all scientists are fraudsters…..
    I see Perry did his usual loony-tunes act on the issue. He should have spent that time praying.

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  4. Hal_10000

    Was I the only one a little bothered that people cheered Texas having executed so many people?

    Other than that, meh. I didn’t see most of it, since I was putting Sal 9000 Beta down for bed. It’s still a two-man race. And I’m stil not sure which populist panderer I trust least.

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  5. richtaylor365 *

    He should have spent that time praying

    We don’t need any more rain in California, we’re good.

    Was I the only one a little bothered that people cheered Texas having executed so many people?

    I also thought that was a bit creepy. A toe the line law and order stance will always play big with the Grand Old Party, but he sounded like The Dark Avenger, that and Beretta ,”Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time”. I think he should play this (and you can bet the other side will use it) a bit more somber and reverent.

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  6. richtaylor365 *

    The funniest part for me was when it was over they went back to MSNBC studios with Rachel Maddow, where she said she would be joined by Chris Matthews, Ed Shultz, and Al Sharpton for insightful commentary. I started to miss Keith.

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  7. AlexInCT

    I didn’t bother with this. It’s too early. But this morning I saw people criticizing Perry for pointing out that Social Security is a Ponzi scheme that transfers wealth from the young to the old, and saying that it couldn’t continue in it’s current incarnation, because that would frighten the old folks. We are doomed when we can’t even state the obvious truth and point how dire the situation is, because it might frighten the people currently or soon to be sucking at the government’s teat. In the mean time it is becoming apparent to people like me that have a couple of decades left to go, and certainly those that have more than that, that short of a complete & tyrannical government takeove,r where the elite confiscate all wealth and then use that to appease the masses in the tradition of people’s paradises like the USSR, the whole system will collapse sooner than later. There is no hope left I guess.

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  8. Xetrov

    I watched most of it, here’s my impressions –

    Perry and Romney are just politicians. They are going to do or say whatever they think is necessary to become the GOP candidate. The fact that neither of them stood up and said that government doesn’t create jobs, it can just prevent jobs from being created through excessive regulation, and both of them touted how many jobs they created as Governor shows me neither of them give a rats patoot beyond getting elected.

    Whenever Santorum speaks, all I can hear is the Peanuts cartoons “Wah Wah” when adults speak.

    Bachmann is out of her element. I’m not even sure what her element is. She was trying to tie in Obamacare to just about every question she gave, no matter the topic. And she looked terrible to boot.

    Gingrich gave the best answers to many questions, and he’s a smart guy. I wish he were electable. And he gets big props for calling out the liberal establishment that was running the debate. Some of the loaded questions the “moderators” were throwing at candidates were ridiculous. We would never hear the end of it from the left if Fox News tried asking anything close to some of the questions that were asked last night.

    I was somewhat impressed with Huntsman. Yes, he gave many standard “politician” answers, but he wasn’t afraid of his record.

    Cain gives some great answers…but seeing him several times now, they appear to be canned answers by this point. He’s not coming up with anything new

    Paul was Paul. Good fiscal answers. Still a moonbat.

    I miss anyone? The liberally slanted questions and attempts to get the candidates fighting each other were a joke.

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