Nannying the Nannies

This is awesome:

In an act of solidarity, Michigan bar and restaurant owners have banned state lawmakers from their property.

Effective September 1, the group Private Property Rights in Michigan said in a release Monday that lawmakers will be persona non grata in over 500 Michigan licensed establishments, across the state.

PPRM said it believes, however, even more will take part.

The group says bar owners and workers have grown frustrated with the Ron Davis law; also known as the private property tobacco use ban. PPRM claims the ban has collectively cost the state an estimated $200 million dollars in lost revenue through losses in jobs, taxes, business closings and to the state lottery.

I’m sure there will be lawsuits over this. But God DAMN, it’s nice when the people fight back. We’ve gotten so used to being pushed around by these damned nannies we’ve forgotten how much power we have (note to NYC establishments: please ban Michael Bloomberg from … everywhere).

I don’t like smoke in restaurants myself. And I like smoke-free bars. But here’s the thing: I’ll enforce that by choosing where I take my business. I do not have the right to force business owners to acquiesce to my personal preferences.

Keep up the fight, Michigan! We’re all counting on you to push back against these jerks.

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  1. Dave D

    I SO love the smoking ban. Mi restaurants are so much better. I don’t go to bars, but I have got to believe it is much better coming home NOT smelling like a dirty ashtray. Lost both parents before 70 to long, agonizing lung cancer. Who ever chooses to smoke in this day and age is a moron…..

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