Are You Ready For Some Football?

All I can say is………about time.

College football partially started last night (Now that they got a QB, how good are those Badgers going to be this year?) with the rest starting tomorrow, with bowl implications already on the line. To wit: Oregon/LSU at Cowboy Stadium. I’ll be honest, I thought The Ducks were the best team in the nation last year but they were tight in the national championship game and gave it to Cam and Co., so be it. They are not as stacked this year but still have incredible team speed, 2 potential Heisman winners, and a wicked smart coach. Not just for their cool uniforms but I like them tomorrow.

The other game with massive BCS implications is Boise St/Georgia in Atlanta. The Dogs will have home field and rowdy fan base. With a win tomorrow the Broncos could run the table this year and would not be denied (riots in the streets) a spot for the national title. Underdog lovers have been waiting for a small conference school (e.g. Boise St., Utah, TCU)to make it to the big dance, maybe this year.

Pro football is right around the corner:
How good are the Eagles?
Was Chris Johnson worth the money?
Will Adrian Peterson be “The Man” this year?
What will Carson Palmer do?
Is this Philip Rivers’ year?
Will Peyton keep his streak alive by starting?

I’ll also throw out the US Open if anyone wants to comment on that. Maria is out, Murray is currently in the fight of his life, Novac looks like the terminator, Rafa looks vulnerable, and Roger is playing the best tennis of his life.

Hope Solo (goalee hottie for the US women’s soccer team) will be on DWTS this year, I might check that out and get some bonus coverage of Chas Bono in the process.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    I have this dream about the perfect football game, and I’ve had it since I was exposed to Broncomania over 20 years ago.

    Denver loses the Superbowl, again, with negative points on the scoreboard. In a fit of sanity, the fans haul John Elway back out onto the field and disembowel him to a cheering crowd. Moments later the stadium is nuked from orbit.

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  2. Hal_10000

    I tweeted about it. I doubt they can get much as securities law is notoriously tricky. But I’d love to see some sunlight on the issue of which banks knew they were pretending that shitty mortgages weren’t.

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  3. Seattle Outcast

    Watched the Seahawks/Raiders game last night – why isn’t Charlie Whitehurst getting more damned game time?

    Jackson isn’t getting the ball off and all they do is blame the lack of blocking. Charlie has the same lack of blocking and makes plays, but he’s still not the starter?

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