Opulance When We Need Austerity

We have heard all the golfing jokes (god, he still swings like a girl), the complaints about vacations, even the comparisons to Bush vacations and how Bush took more time off, but shouldn’t the reality and needs of the times, not comparisons to predecessors, dictate proper protocol in these matters? Most people that I know prefer our president ample golfing days (less time in front of the podium) and really, what is he going to do when Congress is out of session? But I saw this yesterday, why am I not shocked?

The Obamas’ summer break on Martha’s Vineyard has already been branded a PR disaster after the couple arrived four hours apart on separate government jets.

But according to new reports, this is the least of their extravagances.

White House sources today claimed that the First Lady has spent $10million of U.S. taxpayers’ money on vacations alone in the past year.

Branding her ‘disgusting’ and ‘a vacation junkie’, they say the 47-year-old mother-of-two has been indulging in five-star hotels, where she splashes out on expensive massages and alcohol.

I checked out that whitehousedossier website, tagged as the only independent and unauthorized WH blog (juicy) and the first blog post was this:

Lawsuit Seeks Costs of Michelle’s South Africa Trip

by Keith Koffler on August 25, 2011, 2:20 pm

The government watchdog group Judicial Watch has filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit against the Air Force seeking to obtain details and costs of First Lady Michelle Obama’s trip to South Africa and Botswana June 21-27.

The request, announced today, was filed June 28, one day after White House Dossier published an examination of the trip that found it included a significant vacation component and probably cost taxpayers well over $500,000.

I guess that $10 million figure is just an estimate.

I’m trying to be objective here. I understand that moving the president around costs money for stuff he has no real say in, things like SS protection and protective services details from local law enforcement agencies, these add up. Last week we say him tooling around the Midwest in his Canadian made security bus, no big deal, until I saw the 40 vehicle motorcade that escorts that bus around, do they really need 40 other cop cars involved, most of which are from local jurisdictions whose drivers are all on overtime?

The magazine also reported that Mrs Obama, whose fashion choices are widely followed, had been going on ‘wild shopping sprees’, much to the distress of her husband, who, its sources reveal, is ‘absolutely furious’ at his wife’s ‘out-of-control spending’.

Now it’s sounding like a tabloid. Funny, but most times when I see photo’s of her in public, a refined fashion style is like the last thing I’m thinking.

Is this just whiny carping by Obama haters or is genuine outrage needed here? I don’t expect our leaders to “slum it” when visiting abroad, an image of might and capability must be projected, I get that, but the first lady and her crew, which always consists of more then family, gallivanting around the globe slurping vodka smoothies, living large like some oil sheiks, it flies in the face of the economic nightmare too many folks are going through right now. Am I being petty?

Some quality gardening time, growing her own veggies for the WH table, more of that and less stamps on her passport, how about her own life style reflecting the hard times our nation is facing, that, and eating more peas.

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  1. Seattle Outcast

    The press is sucking Mrs. Obama’s cock as well – did you see that article that described her celluite thunder-thighs and chunky ass as “enviably toned”?

    Quite honestly, she dresses and acts like she’s one generation removed from being complete trailer trash…

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  2. CzarChasm

    The less time Barack spends “doing The People’s business,” the better I like it. I’m happy to pay him to stay out of D.C., hopefully permanently come Nov. 2012.

    However, no one elected Michelle or their two girls, and to whatever extent their vacations are on the taxpayer’s dime, I resent the Hell out of it. Now, I say “whatever” extent because I don’t know one way or the other if the trips she and the kids take separate from Barack are indeed on the taxpayer’s dime. I have no problem with the ol’ lady and the rug-rats traveling with him on official business, and I think if he had an ounce of pride, he’d pay for all trips that aren’t official biz, but there’s no excuse at all for the taxpayer’s picking up the tab when she’s traveling by herself or with the kids. They’re rich. They can afford it, or if they can’t, they can cut down on the luxuries of life just like the rest of us.


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  3. TxAg94

    I agree with CzarChasm. We elect the president, not the family. They’re along for the ride, not their own special ride. If they vacation together, and in moderation, fine. When they go everywhere separately that’s bullsh**. If she’s going to go on constant vacation overseas at least make it look like she’s doing some PR while she’s at it. They make no attempt to hide the fact that she’s just living it up on her husband’s coattails.

    I also remember when first ladies had causes and they traveled a lot in support of that. I’m okay with that, too, as it builds good will. I have no idea what her cause is other than partying like the aforementioned trailer trash who just won the lottery.

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  4. TxAg94

    I’ll add that since the Air Force is shuttling them all over creation on our dime, on probably no less than a 767, make the extra room available to military personnel under the old Space Available system. I bet they would contort themselves into all sorts of shapes to keep from having to travel with the “help”.

    Progressives indeed.

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  5. Mississippi Yankee

    This is the Obama family on their final two year Kamikaze Run. They know they only have until January of 2013 to “Ghetto Blast”.
    Then it will be all memoirs and secret service guarded walks on the beach.

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  6. Rann

    Eh. Frankly, it’s not like it really matters at this point. Whether he was born there or not, I doubt his candidacy was a plot by Kenya to get an agent into the highest office of America.

    I’m ready to believe Obama was born in Kenya, especially since he didn’t have any objections to being described as such until 2003 or so. I just don’t particularly care. Wherever he’s from, he’s here being incompetent now, and an election is a better way of giving his ass the boot than trying to prove he’s ineligible, sad as that may be.

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  7. Rann

    Actually, I will say I doubt he was born in Kenya, considering evidence to the contrary, but when Michelle describes it as “his homeland” it’s probably more to do with the fact that he doesn’t feel any particularly strong emotional attachment to being American, just like she doesn’t. I think during the portion of his career where being considered an “immigrant success story” was favorable to him he let himself be billed as The Kenyan Senator because it made good press and because he doesn’t really care about being American, and when such was unfavorable to him it became nonsense and the stuff of wacko conspiracy theorists.

    Obama is just like many liberals who wear their citzenship like a coat… hot and annoying to be tossed aside and forgotten when it’s inconvenient or considered unfashionable, grabbed and hauled on and hugged tight around them when they need its protection or it’s “in”. You may like a coat, you may even think you’re proud of owning a coat, but you still wind up sticking it in the closet and forgetting about it most of the time.

    Generally, you’d prefer a president who considered their American citizenship more like a tattoo.

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