Add Hartford, Connecticut to that list…

My desk at work shook at around 1:52 PM today. Nothing big, but it was noticeable and having experienced them back when I was on the West coast, I wondered if it was one. I was getting up to ask the guy behind me WTF he was doing at his desk, in case it was just that, when he popped up and complained to me about me bouncing around and making his desk shift. Next thing I know I see a bunch of other people pop up and say they felt “it” too. What am I talking about? Well it looks like the 5.8 earthquake in VA made itself felt even here. I am sure anyone on the West Coast is yawning at this like they used to when I was there.

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  1. JimK

    I actually thought I caused it. No, I’m not THAT fat. :)

    I was pulling cable behind the TV and I thought the wobbling I was feeling was me shaking the TV stand somehow. Then when I stood up I realized the house was shaking. So I thought maybe it was a big truck passing. Went back to pulling cable. Doorbell goes off, neighbor is all “OMG are you okay?” I’m like “Totally. Why, what happened?”

    Least impressive tectonic plate shift ever.

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    i am in northeast Mo, along the river, about as far way i can be but still be in Missouri.
    From what i have read recently a new theory is that the New Madrid fault, is weaking, loosing pressure, and if there is another quake it will not be as bad at the last one in 1808 or whenever..

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  3. AlexInCT *

    The news reported that buildings in Virginia and DC did recieve some damage. The National Cathedral los one of it’s spires, and there might be a crack in the Washington Monument.

    On another note, I am worried some insnae retard will suddenly pop up and balme it all on God/Gaiaq/The Tooth Fairy being angry with Obama and America, and doing this to send us all a sign. They are even sending a hurricane up our way to make sure we get the message! Repent! The end is near!

    Damn, I got carried away there.

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  4. Rann

    Y’know, I started to add on “This is a joke, so nobody get their ‘Christianity Sux’-emblazoned panties in a wad”, but then I thought “Noooo, surely this is obvious enough that even the self-described ‘Christ-punching atheists’ can get it. Besides, it’s not like a bunch of buildings fell down and a ton of people died, so they can’t act all huffy and offended like I was seriously making a ‘THIS IS GOD’S JUDGMENT!’ comment.”

    Oh well.

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  5. AlexInCT *

    Yeah, I was hoping it was a joke, even when I am expecting some moron to make exactly that claim and mean it. I was laughing until Rich reminded me of the debt.

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  6. AlexInCT *

    I bet it would have under McCain’s though. The guy is a squish, and besides, Hillary has got bigger balls than he does.

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