Ron Paul supporter determined to outshine anything Democrats might do this election

I… I honestly don’t know what to say.

I am seriously at a loss for words. I can barely get the summary out, because even that sounds so ridiculous that I just want to devolve into murmuring “Jesus Christ Jesus Christ Jesus Christ JesuWHATTHEFUCKISWRONGWITHYOU?!”

A Ron Paul supporter has taken out a full-page ad in the Austin Chronicle asking “strippers, escorts, and ‘young hotties'” to say they’ve had sex with Rick Perry. It also tries to imply that he’s gay as well. … Yeah.

I… … yeah.

I… trying to say something, all I can really do is quote the article:

It’s not even a personal attack. It’s an ad hoping it can make a personal attack later. Is this really where we are?

Well. I’d disagree. It’s clearly a personal attack, in the same way a lawyer asks a question he knows he’s not allowed to ask, because even if opposing counsel objects and it’s sustained, he still got to put it in the jury’s minds. It’s… just so ridiculously blatant, petty, and… I…

… Yeah.

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  1. CzarChasm

    I agree the ad is stupid and whatever other pejorative one might wish to characterize it as, but I have to ask three questions concerning the post:

    Does the ad make you think of Ron Paul any different than you did before the supporter placed it?

    Are you inclined to be considerate or dismissive of Paul’s public statements in general?

    Would you ever vote for Ron Paul in either a primary or the general election?


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  2. Rann *

    Does the ad make you think of Ron Paul any different than you did before the supporter placed it?

    It certainly cements my impression that his supporters are bugnuts batshit insane.

    Are you inclined to be considerate or dismissive of Paul’s public statements in general?

    Broken clocks, twice a day, etc.

    Would you ever vote for Ron Paul in either a primary or the general election?

    If it somehow came down to Ron Paul or Obama, I would stay home.

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  3. Rann *

    Yeah, I guess I really should make some more distinction between “Ron Paul Supporter” and “Member of the Church of St. Paul”, but… er…

    … Okay, I haven’t actually, personally encountered anyone who would demand the distinction as necessary who proved that there was a distinction. That’s basically why.

    I’m up to being proved wrong! Just that so far…

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  4. Hal_10000

    Everyone has nutso supporters. Or maybe you haven’t seen Jesus Camp. Half the problem we have in politics is this bullshit guilt by association. If you oppose the Patriot Act, you agree with the dirty hippies. If you agree with the War in Iraq, you agree with the war-mongering neocons. If you think climate change is real, you’re in bed with socialists. If you think it’s fake, you’re in bed with the oil companies. No one is ever allowed to have an opinion of their own. It’s like high school, only with trillion dollar stakes. “I don’t want to have that opinion or support that candidates because SHE does.”

    To return to the subject at hand, this ad is disgusting. I have little use for Rick Perry, but there’s plenty to go after him for on substance. Even if he is dipping his wick somewhere, I don’t care (beyond the hypocrisy aspect). Jimmy Carter was a paragon of personal virtue and a shitty President.

    You know what this reminds me of? During the impeachment, when Larry Flynt was offering money to anyone who would dish on liasons with Republicans. I don’t remember if he got anything.

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  5. CzarChasm

    What you describe is a double-edged sword Rann. I have never voted for Paul, and doubt I ever will, but I suspect it will be the same here as other boards I’m on, that if I were to cite something he said that articulated my own thoughts and convictions at least as well or better than I could myself, it would be dismissed as nutjobbery. In fact, that’s already happened once here with a video I linked to that had Paul in one segment of a Fox News broadcast, and Judge Napolitano in the second, both saying the exact same things about the same subject, but the video being mostly dismissed because of Paul’s presence in it.

    I have several problems with Ron Paul, but I have many agreements with him too. It’s the same with all the current slate of Republican presidential candidates though. None fit my idea of a “perfect” constitutional conservative. Santorum is starting to sound like a theocrat with his push-back against Paul’s stand on no federal control of marriage or abortion, two things that I agree with him completely about. Bachmann voted to extend the Patriot Act. Gingrich is just a passé establishment type that I feel as strong an aversion to as you do to Paul. Cain had me at first, but then his history with being a Fed Chairman came to light. I don’t know how anyone can claim to be a conservative and support the continuation of the Fed. I’m not at all crazy about Perry’s imminent domain overuse in TX, his almost non-existent stand on illegal immigration or the North American Corridor.

    But most of ‘em, including Paul, have check marks in the positive column too. Such is the state of politics in America today. My only reason for asking the questions I did was not to assert myself as a Paul supporter, reasonable or otherwise, but to kind of test the waters a little more than the aforementioned video to see if you or anyone else would ever consider ideas expressed by Ron Paul as valid expressions of conservatism, or maybe more to the point, if I cited what I consider to be valid expressions of conservatism from Paul, would I be painted with the same broad, totally dismissive brush simply for quoting someone from time to time whom the (rather obvious) majority here doesn’t like/respect/trust? If that were to be the case, it would seem a rather chilling atmosphere for the intelligent exchange of ideas.


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  6. Rann *

    I think you meant “catch 22″, not “double-edged sword”. And that would only be true if, by default, defending Ron Paul were enough to prove to me that Ron Paul supporters are crazy. I never said the bar was set that low.

    It’s more that often when talking to them I feel like they’re going through this sort of playbook… and considering I’ve seen examples Ron Paul supporters have posted of actual guidelines for interacting with others in supporting Ron Paul, I don’t think that’s an unfair suspicion on my part. Too often it feels like talking to one of those scary slightly glassy-eyed people who’s been coached on how to respond to all the various questions someone challenges you with when they’re being indoctrinated into a cult, everything from “What’s so great about this place?” to “When can I go home?”

    Like I said, I’m open to being proved wrong. Maybe there are sane Ron Paul supporters out there that won’t set off my Scientology Alarm when they lay out what’s good about Ron Paul.

    So yeah. I’m not saying that protesting “Ron Paul supporter and Ron Paul nutcase are the same thing” alone is enough for me to label someone a kook. But just that generally the people who do protest have somehow managed to induce the concept of invading your personal space over an internet connection, which is a pretty amazing feat.

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  7. CzarChasm

    I think you meant “catch 22″, not “double-edged sword”.

    No, I meant what I said. I meant that Paul supporters get evaluated on the extreme ends of “normalcy.” It “cuts” both ways. True, there are nutjobs who support him, but not all are. True also, there are nutjobs who oppose him, but not all are. My point was that, as a partial supporter, it happens fairly frequently that I cite something he says and it gets dismissed out of hand only because he was the one who said it, regardless of the constitutional/economic insight the utterance provides. I think it’s fair to call people who engage in such intellectually vapid dismissals every bit as much of a nutjob as a committed supporter of Ron Paul, who could likely express the intellectual rationale for their support with no problem whatsoever. Nutjobs are on both sides of that double edged sword.


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