Now, That Sounds Serious Barney!

Most of you have probably already heard this, but for those who haven’t, Barney brings up a subject that every human being can relate to. Listen and learn, and caption if you’re so inclined. For the liberals amongst us, you should love this. Here’s a hard core conservative using MSNBC and Rachel Maddow as a source. Enjoy!


  1. I wanted to hear the rest of it, but I’m too lazy to look it up. Let’s complete the sentence:

    “We’re spending 140 billion dollars a year on……______________________”

    Liberal democrat. Check.

    Longtime partisan hack. Check.

    Freddie Mac enabler. Check.

    “… breaks for the rich.”

    “….two wars we didn’t start.”

    What say you?

    Also, amazing how they can complain ofout 140 billion in anything when their new annual debt standard is at least 10 times that.

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  2. Dave, I think you may have missed the point of the video. Turn your volume up a bit (doesn’t have to be overly loud) and pay particular attention at about 2 seconds in just as he says the word, “…jobs.” Some would say he contributes to global warming right at that moment, more so than his normal spewing of hot air.


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  3. Heard the fart. Just was commenting on the actual content of the video. The fart hides the fact that Barney is full of shit……

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  4. Does it hide it or expose it?

    And, if you will pardon me for going there, considering Frank’s sexual orientation, one could not help but wonder if he might have just been trying to attract someone he liked’s attention?

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