An Introduction

This being my first post as an author here on Right Thinking, before I get started I want to say thanks to JimK for making it possible. I sincerely hope he doesn’t regret that decision down the road.

Besides landing on blogs and reading while following links from articles and forums, and lurking here for a short period before actually posting any replies, I’m brand new to the blogosphere, so please accept my preemptive apologies for any broken links or missing pictures or videos that I’m pretty sure are imminent in the coming days/weeks while I learn.

I will be following this post shortly with one about the constitutional issues surrounding the new Super Committee, or “Super Congress” as some are referring to it as. Most of what I have to say will have the Constitution at the root of my motivation for wanting to discuss a given issue. I am a constitutional originalist, which can just as easily be written with caps as “Constitutional Originalist,” because the words serve as a description of my thought processes on everything having to do with politics and national policies in America (lower case), as well as identifying the only “party” type of affiliations or ideology I claim. I am neither Independent, Republican, Libertarian, nor Constitution Party affiliated. I am simply an independent Constitutional Originalist, or constitutional orginalist, whichever works for you.

So with that, I’ll head off to put my post on the Super Committee together, and say thanks again to JimK for the opportunity, and hello to the rest of you.


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  1. CM

    Good luck. Fewer posts that are essentially “liberals are retards because they’re liberals and emotional and retards” has GOT to be good (for everyone). You don’t seem to be someone who would bother wasting time and effort with those, so all power to you.

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  2. hist_ed

    Welcome, and hey, I was really hoping you could post something like “liberals are retards because they’re liberals and emotional and retards” cause dammit I just don’t get enough of that.

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  3. Dave D

    No. He just admitted that this site revolves around stating that liberals are emotional retards. Personally, I fail to see the lack of truth in that statement………

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  4. CzarChasm *

    Welcome, and hey, I was really hoping you could post something like “liberals are retards because they’re liberals and emotional and retards” cause dammit I just don’t get enough of that.

    I thought that went without saying….so I didn’t. o_o

    Seriously though, I hope any arguments/discussions I get into are more substantive than that kind of stuff, although I don’t mind identifying liberalism as the foundational reason for many of the ills of society when it’s relevant to the conversation. I don’t remember ever being tempted to use the word “retard” to describe liberals though, so dammit, I probably won’t be one who will fill that empty space for you. ;-)~


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  5. AlexInCT

    Then I find myself forced to inquire if perchance you must not interact with liberals much or otherwise be one of them, Dave. I bet it is the later. In my experience, with a general very limited exception, the liberals that think they are brilliant and hyper smart and are the most vocal about it, looking down on anyone that doesn’t believe the disproved insane things they do, no matter how often they have been discredited, tend to be lacking in both common sense and understanding of how real life works, usually hiding behind pedegree and nothing much else. So I point it out.

    All most of us do here is counter the left, and in particular the LSM propaganda implying the other side is not just stupid but evil, by pointing out that the left holds the record on emotionalism and stupidity, and because they control the media, this isn’t made obvious to everyone.

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  6. hist_ed

    CM, CM, CM. That was my little joke. I would like to hope that, of all the right wing people who haunt this little site, I am among the least likely to accuse liberals of idiocy, retardation and such. In fact, I occasionally repeat my fervently held belief that one of the biggest problems with the politics of this nation (and the world) is that there are many people out there who simply can’t believe that well meaning, intelligent people can disagree with them. Our last go round on the Topic-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named involved me expressing the same principle. I happen to know a few well meaning, brilliant people who are politically liberal (my twin brother is one-he is almost a Chomskyite-but he still beats me at Scrabble about 80% of the time dammit).

    If memory serves, the only person I have actually called stupid on this site was our dearly departed poo flinger.

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  7. CM

    Yes hist_ed I was aware that you were going for humour there (nice condescension though, do you want to reach down and pat me on the head too?).

    I am among the least likely to accuse liberals of idiocy, retardation and such…..

    Cool. I’m sure you’d agree that it makes for a much more enjoyable experience if the level of discourse can be lifted beyond banal and lame comments and fact-free narratives being repeated ad-nauseum as part of some ongoing desperate attempt to self-validate one’s entire being. CC said it below: it’s about substance really. Otherwise, what’s the point?
    I suck at Scrabble. I’m always trying to look for the big scoring words and I lose out on loads of low-middle scoring words by not taking them when I can.

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  8. CzarChasm *

    While I graciously accept the “Cheers,” I didn’t misunderstand you at all. I wasn’t replying to you, I was replying to hist_ed. Did you think you typed what I quoted from hist_ed? That’s just retarded. ;-)~


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