Trampling On The Press

More examples of ,”See this microphone? I’m important and you better answer my questions or else”, a testosterone deficient reporter from CNN gets manhandled by two diminutive Bachmann body guards, and whines about the whole ordeal:

Freedom of speech at it’s finest, a brave reporter, staring down danger and adversity, going in to the belly of the beast, all to “get the story” for his listeners. I see a Pulitzer in his future.

Not being a CNN regular and not knowing anything about this manly reporter, I am at a disadvantage to come up with any insight, but something is clearly in play here.

I never got why this incident was newsworthy, he got no quotes or face time with Michelle, and found out nothing about the campaign, why was he on the air?
Some possible explanations:
This is CNN after all, so any attempt to push their political agenda should be expected. Or was this a lame ploy by an out of favor reporter trying desperately to tenaciously hold on to his job ,”Boss, I swear, I really tried to get that story, see how I’m shoving my microphone in every one’s face? And I would have gotten something if it wasn’t for those Blonde Nazi’s pushing me around like that, bullies.”

The funny thing about this whole episode is that we can plainly see for ourselves that if anything Mr. Lemon was overly obnoxious with that microphone. The Bachmann crew did a good job of ferrying their boss through the large crowd, and the muscle present, two little girls both pushing a buck ten on a good day, did not go all SEIU thugery on him like he tried to spin it.

Don Lemon is probably still new at this. He does have the politics down pat, GOP candidates attract and promote mob behavior, but if two cheerleader types can get him crying for his mommy, he better stay away from Perry, who probably has a few Dallas Cowboy linebacker types, or Obama, who only employees the finest SEIU goons to keep the riff raff at bay.

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  1. Section8

    I love his comment about how he’s never seen anything like this before. Apparently he has a real bad memory since someone really did get pushed by a thug (not an elbow by some chick if that even happened) only a year and a half ago when the reporter was attempting to ask a senate candidate a question in one of the most nationally followed senate races in a long time. You know a thug from the party of dignified intellectuals, so of course he wouldn’t remember.


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  2. InsipiD

    He seemed to want to criticize her in general. “ZOMG! She showed up late and didn’t speak for her allotted time! She’s so unprofessional and inconsiderate! Then she was in such a rush to leave that she wouldn’t answer my questions! And then her bullies pushed me down and it hurt my feelings!”

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  3. Poosh

    I’m gonna go out on a limb here, and guess that CNN did not report the multiple occasions during your obamacare debates, where “Obama’s” union goons attacked people left right and center.

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